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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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so what's the problem?
she's in recovery.
her? fuckin' movie
of the week.
listen to me. that last run you went on,
beginning with the feast? how hard
you had to work to get back from that?
civilians-- their bosses
find out they slipped,
they get a plane ticket
to minnesota.
tony will fuckin' mulch his
roses with what's left of you.
she's solid now.
years sober.
we fuckin' met
at a meeting.
- that never happens to me.
- that's all you got to say?
of thought:
two of you together could be
enabling. bad habits shared.
but it's more like she
knows how bad it is.
we watch out
for each other.
she wouldn't even let me
have red bull. seriously.
well that's the other school:
two are stronger than one.
i know i'm different
with her.
well i guess we
just keep an eye on it.
you fuckin'
lucky cocksucker.
- another married man?
- i know.
and it gets worse.
i think he's connected.
to what?
- the mafia.
- no...
but-- actually i know he is because
i was involved with his boss.
you ever hear of
anthony soprano?
i'm sorry, jules. i don't even
know where to fucking start.
i know, i know.
the stupid thing is
he's sweet.
he's good to me.
i want you to listen
to this very carefully:
i'm your sponsor. i'm not
judging you. i'm not disappointed.
i am concerned and i'm here
to help you help yourself.
unlike you, i've lived in
north jersey my whole life
and those people
like his boss--
they are sociopaths.
murderers actually.
i know, ame, but i think you're
getting a little carried away.
don't hug me. on top of
everything i'm getting a cold.
you shit asshole!
i hate you!
this man is so lame.
- what's wrong?
- these assholes again.
they wake up the baby.
shh! my baby's
why don't you come out here
and suck our dick?
hey what's this asshole's problem?
my ex used to go down and
kick their asses, but...
...now they're back.
okay, papi.
it's all right.
it's all right, baby.
look, you guys move.
go hang somewhere else,
i'll give you this bike.
it's a gary fisher.
it's only a year old. my parents
gave it to me last christmas.
all right.
it doesn't bother you that
i'm younger than you are?
you know who was born on
your birthday? jesse ventura.
he's a famous politician.
i looked it up.
how do you know
my birthday?
i did your w-4, remember?
the withholding?
you sure it don't
bother you i have a baby?
no, i love kids.
this is fuckin' ridiculous.
you're not goin' no place.
- i want to.
- we can watch a dvd.
i got the 50 cent movie
down in my trunk.
they were giving it away
at the car wash.
don't talk.
that's it. you're fuckin' grounded.
lie down.
i'm gonna go down the
pharmacy, get some robitussin.
no! it's got
what are you gonna do? rip your
fuckin' lungs out? this is crazy.
you certainly seem very anxious
to get cough medicine in here.
i resent that.
fuck it! it's over the counter.
how much shit could be in it?
maybe you could get
some valerian tea.
you put eight, nine,
10 tea bags in a cup.
- fuck's that gonna do?
- it's equal to like taking a valium.
- i didn't know that.
- same chemical family.
gotta have some cough
suppressant value, right?
worst-case scenario, it
might help you sleep at least.
what do you think?
valerian tea.
you have to go to
the health food store.
jesus christ, they didn't teach
you how to use a pair of pliers yet?
oh it smells
all christmassy in here.
come on.
oh, the russos--
picture of their dogs.
it's sad with
no children.
oh my god!
the building department.
they're repealing the stop-work
order on my spec house!
may begin immediately."
tony, is this you? this is the best
christmas present i could ever get!
oh, i better return that
vacuum i got you then.
so, christmas eve--
besides the shrimp,
- i told desanto
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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