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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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penny you make, you keep.
we won't charge you any rent.
and believe me, the pay
is good. it's a union job.
i just want to see
you do good.
you're my son
and i love you.
look, i 'm just gonna
have to leave your friend
in the lurch
when i go back to school.
that's okay, he deals
with that all the time.
i'd just as soon
keep searching online.
i'm sure you would,
but if you're not
at that site tomorrow morning,
i'm gonna
take away your car.
and then i'm gonna
take away your clothes.
and then i'm gonna take away your room and
then i'm gonna take away your mother's cooking.
and pretty soon you're gonna
be out in the fucking street.
- what the hell are you doing?
- it might get a little drafty driving down there tomorrow.
but i will have this fucking
thing towed out of here
and ground up
into fucking brillo pads.
i mean look at it.
you don't take care of it.
don't put me
to the test.
look, i found cosette.
your friend-- someone needs
to tell her she's dead.
your taxi
is coming.
bonsoir, madame.
shit! the toulouse-lautrec placemats.
i got the other one.
there she is!
the world traveler.
- mmm.
- hey!
- how was your trip?
- oh my god, tony.
welcome home.
how was the trip?
oh my god, ma, paris!
"police are withholding
specific details of the murder.
a brooklyn relative
of spatafore
who spoke on conditions
of anonymity--"
what does that mean?
it means...
when you don't know
who the person is.
"--told reporters that
spatafore and his wife
had recently separated.
relatives say
that the victim
had surprised
his friends and family
by declaring
himself a homosexual
and saying he wished to lead
an openly gay lifestyle."
i don't understand.
dad wasn't a spy?
with this jetlag,
i can't sleep.
i'm doing darks
if you have any.
have a great day at work.
- hey, i knew this guy.
- what?
he was in the mob?
i shot him
for the thin club. here.
synch: frm
i just got rid of the last.
thank fuckin' christ.
i drove up
to connecticut.
good. the rump roast
went in down the shore.
so the barbecue over in
sheepshead bay-- that still a go?
you know i'm not really sure
where the big guy left that.
this way, sweetheart. there's something
i need to get straight between us.
seriously, you look
beautiful tonight.
it's done. listen.
gee, sounds like
a real weenie roast.
hey, your friend the shah was
walkin' in when it happened.
him and some skifusa got
blown back on their keisters.
...and last, transfer of
the deed to jamba juice.
- thank you.
- thanks.
i'll meet you
out front.
listen, i just wanted to apologize
that night...
it's just i make it a
policy not to mix business--
no apology necessary,
good, 'cause the truth is i haven't
been able to forget about you
and it ain't like
i haven't been tryin'.
so, you free for dinner? maybe?
thanks, but i
think i'll pass.
on the sale, though.
"morning sunshine,"
benjamin moore.
and we can do the borders
with the disney characters.
makes me nervous,
this stuff.
we should wait to decorate
till after the baby's born.
again with
the superstitions?
remember the penguin
movie, how you cried?
you sit on an egg
for months,
one little thing goes wrong,
you're left with nothing.
honey, i'm
not adrianna.
i'm healthy.
our baby's healthy.
stop worrying and enjoy this time, okay?
i am. let's just stop
countin' the chickens.
any anesthesiologist, dial 5248.
workin' man
get off okay?
he was gone by the time i got up.
used to be he wasn't home
by the time you got up.
what's the matter?
liz la cerva tried to
commit suicide. pills.
what'd she do
that for?
apparently she got a letter
for ade from the salvation army.
- ade's homeless?
- she made a donation every year
to feed the homeless
on thanksgiving.
the letter set
liz off, evidently.
look i gotta say i commiserate
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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