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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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- aren't you the sunny optimist when you want to go to sleep?
- i saw the light was on. can i come in?
- sure, hon.
i'm going to california.
i don't know for how long.
- california? what are you talking about?
- finn took that year off.
and it was great when dad
was hurt-- he was here for me.
but now he's going back to dental
school, i want to be with him.
i thought you two
were having problems.
i never said that.
i don't know if i want to go
to law school or med school.
those are nice
options to have.
that's what we call
a high-class problem.
his dad said
that he can get me
a lab job at ucla where
he teaches oral surgery.
i mean if i decide
on med school
that will look really great
on my application.
what you're really saying is you're
following this man to california.
meadow, you drop this bomb
on us at 1:30 in the morning--
forgive us if we need
some time to adjust.
- i have to make plane reservations--
- you'll be back for christmas?
i don't know.
no pressure please, okay?
tidelands project--
your slice of no-shows--
i spoke to the union and we
can't make five work no more.
rollbacks, not to mention
my end's way down.
now more than ever i got
captains looking to me
to deliver them
those no-show jobs
- on account of the medical insurance.
- health care costs these days.
bitch all you want
about john, he understood
that ours is a
mutually-beneficial arrangement.
john's folding laundry
in fucking danbury.
it's on my shoulders
to take care of the family,
even if he's boss just in name.
now i made a decision,
and, with all due respect,
it's final.
you see, this is what i get. i never
should have let you slide on the vitamins.
again with the vitamins.
you told me there were 1500
cases of centrum on that truck.
when your nephew delivered it, there were
cartons ripped open, pills all over the floor.
anybody got shorted, it was
yours truly, but you know what--
all right, all right, all right,
put it back in your pocket.
but i gotta get some relief
on this other situation.
for the supreme commander's
control over the sworn enemy's
capital city is the epitome
of their power in europe.
i need to talk to you. remember i
told you about that trip to paris?
i won it at the silent
auction at the feast.
well, the date is here and
i think i would like to go.
you don't remember the first
goddamn thing about this, do you?
we stood right here talking
about it for 15 mites.
- i know, you won a trip to paris.
- why do you have to lie?
i'm not! you're always saying i'm lying.
- why paris?
- it is one of the great cities of the world.
but the frogs hate us.
- go to italy.
- they weren't auctioning a trip to italy.
it's actually a good deal.
it's a week for two for $5,000.
how's the euro doing?
i don't know, tony.
i had three years
of high-school french.
- i can't get away for a week, carm.
- i could go with ro.
we've been talking about taking
a trip together for years--
ever since our rome thing
went belly up.
oh yeah... when anthony walked
through the plate-glass door.
i could really use a
vacation now-- meadow leaving,
my spec house-- the thought of
tearing it down and starting over,
- it makes me nauseous.
- yeah.
plus him. i just don't
know what to do anymore.
you know what?
you should go.
you deserve it.
it'd be good for you too.
do whatever it is
that boys do when
they're on their own.
i said go.
i'll be fine.
i'm so excited.
i'm gonna call ro.
oh, hey hey!
tony. hey.
what the fuck?
my brother's over there.
- what's that supposed to mean?
- nothing. he's just there, that's all.
you sandbag me, i cut
your fucking throat open.
i'm sorry. i didn't
know what else to do.
i want back in.
- can i sit?
- no, you can't sit.
it was complicated.
i was working things out.
i'm sure it gets complicated when
you're taking
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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