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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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they sold it.
sold it? who would do
such a thing?
look, i'm really sorry.
i was in a rush.
so you admit
it was your fault.
yeah, absolutely.
let me get the damages
here and i'll be on my way.
mmm, we should file
a police report.
- you got a phone?
- no, seriously.
what do you say,
500 bucks?
look, i took
the worst of it.
and then you call your
insurance on me? no, thank you.
i'm not gonna
do that. six?
look, i don't want
an argument here.
my place is just
up the drive there.
we'll call the police.
they'll come right out.
turn on your hazards.
let me get
my registration.
cock-sucking cunt!
tony! hey!
i was just coming
to see you.
i'm on my way home.
it's just i haven't
heard from you.
uh, the fuckhead
from fuckland?
- yeah.
- it's gonna be too much effort.
well, john was really
counting on this.
and ginny needs the money,
for allegra,
for the family.
he changed the terms.
what, a bigger piece
for his fat mouth?
no, smaller,
but it's the house.
he wants you to unload it
to his sister
at a reduced price.
half, actually.
but the new orleans
they'll knock 2% off
his finder's fee
and he'll make sure
those pricks sell.
i guess beggars
can't be choosers.
and the worst part is
i gotta sell the idea
to ginny somehow.
gab took me to her moroccan tile place.
by the way-- i don't
wanna pester you--
did sil make
a visit?
yeah, i meant
to tell you.
he didn't have any luck
with that inspector.
really? you're kidding.
no. sorry about that.
did he bring him a gift?
so how hard
did he lean on the guy?
carm, sil knows
his business.
look, i know
you're disappointed, but--
i just gotta
put this out there--
just sell it.
you'll get a good price.
30% return
on your investment.
so that's it?
you-- you just give up?
i don't think i ever
heard that before.
look, the guy said no.
how far do you wanna
push this thing?
oh, those sons
of bitches.
all my planning
for a fucking year!
and they let people build
those fucking monstrosities!
you wanna go out to dinner
tonight at least?
why not put
a runner here
or a large diameter
round oriental?
it could cut down on
the echo and warm it up.
well, i'd rather we spend
on what we have to right now.
window treatments.
mr. sacrimoni,
during the time period
beginning approximately
january 1, 1996,
through today, were you
employed by or associated with
the new york faction of an organized
crime family of la cosa nostra?
allocuted in federal court,
admitting at least a 10-year
connection with la cosa nostra.
fucking nauseating!
could have been worse.
he could have flipped.
are you fucking
kidding me?
you don't ever admit the
existence of this thing. ever.
he should have stood
trial like a man.
i did 20 fucking years.
johnny sack pleaded guilty.
it was just on the radio.
he got 15 years.
hey! hold on.
wait a fucking minute.
- are you the owner of this vehicle?
- yeah.
i got a spot in the garage. i
went in for a half an hour, tops.
douche bags make
that a red zone?
this is a seizure order for all
assets belonging to john sacrimoni.
no no. i bought it
from his wife.
well, if she sold it, she violated
a court order freezing his assets.
of course she sold it. i paid
her fucking 25 grand cash.
it's going to be auctioned
in may up in parsippany.
you like it so much,
buy it again.
this is fucking insane, you
cock-sucking motherfucker!
keep talking like that. i'm gonna
get a truck out here for you.
to think that piece of
shit was my friend once.
i hope he dies in there.
you know
how this looks?
i wish i was on the courthouse
steps to throw acid in his face,
just to distance
excuse me, tony.
i've been meaning to ask
you-- i was just wondering
about the sacrimoni place.
what about it?
well, now that
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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