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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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somebody in my family?
you still don't fucking
get this?
listen, as far
as that thing goes--
the coffee
with the chicory--
- what the fuck is that?
- oh shit.
i suck at talking like
this, john. i'm sorry.
our friend with
the stomach.
in town or near home?
your neighbor.
- a. s.--
- yeah, all right.
just say, "the thing i asked you to do."
"the coffee with
the fuckin' chicory."
- is he gonna get it for me?
- yes.
bad news is he wants
10 cups for himself.
not seven.
all right. done.
did you pick up the birthday cake
for gin with the marzipan flowers?
the stuff behind
the pool?
no, an actual
fuckin' cake.
it's her birthday.
- what are you doing?
- i'm comin' with you.
okay, but stand clear.
- what's going on?
- pastor heard water running,
went down, basement's flooded and
they're trying to shut down the pipe.
but the pastor's trapped,
standing on a milk crate.
- anybody go get him?
- there's an arcing wire hanging.
these assholes skipped a
conduit when they remodeled.
i spent years
as a contractor.
electrical is where
i got started.
way to go, vince!
what the fuck
did i tell you?
fuck you. the guy was gonna get cooked.
what are you trying
to be, a big man?
- back the fuck off!
- what the fuck, jim?
boys, boys, calm down.
okay, now let's cut the
bullshit, get the water turned off
and pump out
the damn basement.
i gotta say, i thought you guys
were morons for doing this shit,
but now i can see
it's a fuckin' rush.
you should join
the department.
we could use
another moron.
of course it's a
commitment, firefighting.
every day it's there.
you have to have
a passion, really.
i've got these bad hips.
supposed to have surgery.
well, this is all
bullshit talk anyway.
you're probably gonna
forget this crap hole
the minute you hear
from your publisher.
hey, darts! five bucks
a point. who's in?
nah. it's almost
where the fuck
you guys going?
- let's play some poker.
- hey, you did great.
back where i come from
the night's just startin'.
good night.
good week, even with
the fuckin' dolphins.
night, boss.
get his joint.
you know
who the fuck i am?
you beat, nigga. what?
you come out the bookie's?
you a winner or a loser?
you're making
a big mistake.
damn! three g's.
you got what you want.
please don't.
i got kids.
yo man, look at his mouth.
look at his fuckin' mouth!
fuck this. do him.
do him now.
jesus, no. please.
no, please.
what the fuck are you doing,
man? why you pull that trigger?
well, according to john, the
retail value of bayou leasing
is around six mil.
seem about right?
- between five and six.
- let's do this again, cher.
well, you're gonna have to find a
buyer and deliver john's half to me
and in about 30 days, give you a
chance to get a couple of bidders.
- his half?
- yeah.
i don't think
that's up for debate.
had you controlled
your fuckin' football jones
we wouldn't even have
no fuckin' silent partner.
that man floated me
50 grand. 50.
next thing i know he's buying
in for half a fucking million.
look at him sitting there like
they don't do this shit every day.
you took john's loan.
he helped you expand.
now it's time
to cash in.
listen, mr. soprano, that's
what i've been saying all along.
you know, you two
don't seem like brothers.
in-laws. he married my little sis.
15 years
of womanly company
but i had to come all the way to
new jersey to get truly fucked.
you know, i'm doing this
as a favor to john.
and i don't need
another headache.
so do we got
a problem here?
no, sir.
i'm buying a boat.
now you fancy yourself
a businessman.
would you sell now with all that
money pouring into new orleans?
john sacrimoni
asked me to.
well, we're
very different people.
- yeah.
- heard about bobby bacala?
yeah, my sister called
with the breaking news.
that fuckin'
part of newark--
even the cops
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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