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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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this inspector.
completely went
out of my head.
the guy's name is,
uh, ron senkowski.
ginny sack's brother,
ah, the lord
of the lenses.
actually we just started
carrying these.
the newest
cross pen.
hmm, a rollerball.
you want
a classic fountain?
nah. have a seat.
so how's your
john's fuckin' made
of steel.
i was told
your ears only.
oh, that's why
he didn't get a pen?
- no, i-- - he's fuckin'
with you, anthony.
johnny's a silent partner
in this heavy equipment
leasing thing in new orleans.
good. fema's down there handing
out krugerrands in buckets.
he said post-katrina you had some
knowledge of business and the area.
well, let me say this.
dick cheney for president...
of the fuckin' universe.
on account of john's, uh,
liquidity problems--
the asset freeze--
he'd love you
to contact these brothers,
the owners,
and turn it into cash.
- me?
- says phil leotardo shouldn't be involved.
just know john's
asking as a friend.
and obviously
there's a finder's fee.
what the hell's this,
a siesta?
i wasn't sleeping.
i was resting my hips.
i'm supposed
to have surgery.
am i early?
- what do you mean?
- dinner.
i am interviewing a new
contractor for my spec--
bill degillio.
he built
the sacrimoni house.
he did decent workmanship.
ginny says he works for a price.
- so?
- well, your sister loves that house.
she said it reminded her
of a villa in italy.
what, is he
coming here now?
i picked up a couple of
sandwiches from italianissimo.
you know, your father
did this house
and it was more than
decent workmanship.
you think about replacing
him before you rush off
into something that could maybe
cost you a lot more of your time.
why do you suddenly care
so much about my dad?
and i like that she has
these little projects
and charities,
what have you.
makes her happy,
keeps her busy.
even in bed she's
a million miles a way.
sounds like you want to
encourage her with this house
as long as it doesn't
interfere with your life.
carmela and me, we--
we came
to an understanding
when we reconciled--
i would financially back
her spec house
and she would have more of
a don't-ask-don't-tell policy
towards my work
and my recreational life
outside of the home.
but you tell me
there hasn't been
much recreating
since the shooting.
no, and that's okay.
fucking janice came
to visit me at work.
that doesn't happen often.
well, she shops
for meat there.
we get it free.
and by the way, again,
if you ever need a roast
or any specialty
kind of cut,
please just ask.
my dad used to
drop us off there
when he had
to run errands.
we'd go into the back
and we'd steal cigarettes,
play house, you know,
shit like that.
anyway, she was all upset.
she said that i was mean
to her and her husband.
- what did you say?
- well, it doesn't matter,
'cause she's right.
i love it when i can
take a shit on her
and her husband.
what's that about?
even when they told me that
uncle jun' might need diapers,
i thought about bobby
having to change him.
i still get
a kick out of it.
it makes bob seem weak?
your sister too?
these are acts of kindness.
janice only does
acts of janice
trust me.
you two have never
really gotten along?
well, not never.
she was my older sister.
i thought
she was pretty cool.
and she gave it back
to my mother.
let me tell you,
that was some heroic shit.
because she defended y.
please. it was
every man for himself.
i remember one time my
parents left her in charge.
go ahead.
well, she stood in the
hallway and she tape-recorded
me and barb
having a fight.
and she held that cassette
tape over my head for a month.
fuckin' extortion.
made me make her bed,
get her shit.
did she do that
to barbara too?
well, that's not
the fuckin' point.
i've been coming here-- i
don't know-- five years now
and you still don't understand what
it means to tape
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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