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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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about his weight, about
his model railroading.
- he's a grown man!
- oh, but it's okay for neil young.
he owns lionel!
domenica! take care
of your things.
i don't know
where it comes from--
all your anger,
your hate for me.
i'm your sister.
i know i'm not perfect.
i know i annoy people.
i think about you
lying in that
hospital bed...
i cried for you.
i sat with you.
i know it.
and i appreciated it.
but we both know
no matter
how much help i gave,
you'd still be here
fuckin' complainin'.
oh my god,
there's nothing holding us
together but dna.
i'm askin' what else you
got besides slot machines.
that single-deck
okay, thanks.
i can't believe this.
- i was-- - is this what
you're doing all day?
i knew there was a reason you wouldn't
let me read the galleys of your book.
i'm doing research.
i guess rocky marciano
was a fan of the greyhounds
'cause i found a fucking
trifecta box ticket in my trash!
hold up.
it's complicated shit.
are you even
a sports writer?
i mean, here we are talking about taking
the next step in this relationship.
i ask you to share my home and
you can't ev be straight with me.
fuck this.
nice knowing you, vincent.
jimbo, come on.
i'm not a writer, okay?
i'm not from scottsdale
and the car's not
my sister's.
i'm actually
from new jersey
- i knew it.
- some shit went down.
i had to leave--
my home,
my contracting business...
my wife, my kids.
are you drunk?
it's not even 11:00!
you think it's easy?
i miss home so bad
my heart's a fuckin' lump.
i'm barely holding
stuck in the sticks,
running out of money
and now this?
you think i was
looking for you?
a wife and kids.
of course.
i've been divorced
for a few years.
where do they think
you are?
you can never
tell anybody, ever.
i'm not
fuckin' around here.
i was married too,
i was only gonna say
you need some money.
you worked construction.
maybe i can help you get work.
i know some people could
always use a good handyman.
happy birthday!
- mwah!
- stop blubbering. it's a party.
you think we'd let you
turn 50 alone?
- happy birthday.
- thank you.
hi, sal!
god, he's such a mope.
the girls come around
enough, and that helps.
allegra's a little bitchy, but
it's painful for her to be here.
plus she thinks
i resent her happiness.
- newlyweds.
- she's probably freaked out
that she's not
happier herself.
ginny, that kitchen...
and this room,
the light...
not his decision to make.
i'm running that shop,
not him.
my days are
completely full.
- i shouldn't.
- hey, it's your birthday.
- yeah.
- i've always loved this place.
it reminds me of the palladian
villas i saw in italy.
thank you.
sometimes i forget.
and it's embarrassing. i
spend most of my time upstairs.
- wellbutrin.
- i wish there was a pill--
john in that place?
of course i can't say my
pain's worse than anybody's.
yeah yeah.
we're both grownups.
i'd rather go
with my own instincts.
your feet are like
fuckin' icicles.
hands too?
dinner was good.
hey, i found
a woodland mountain.
27" peak,
clump foliage and snow.
- bobb
- i'm listening, okay?
where are you going?
rafe's brother's making a
music video. they got dry ice.
where's your helmet?
check out
the moe and joe action.
hey, you know what?
let's do a race,
the polar express one.
we could trash it.
i can't.
i see the grey cloud
hanging around your head.
where's prince albert?
still sleeping?
who knows?
tony, i've been very patient
with you because you've been sick.
you were going to talk
to the building inspector.
- my spec house.
- oh, yeah. yeah yeah.
i sent little paulie.
they made some headway
with the supervisor,
but the other guy, the
inspector, he's a piece of work.
next i'll get sil
on it.
gotta pay a visit to the
montville building department.
to what end?
i've been promising carm
i'd lean on
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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