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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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adams douche bag.
dr. cipolla's service.
i need to talk
to the doctor.
- is this an emergency?
- of course.
dr. cipolla's out of town.
dr. paglieri's on call.
do you wanna
be connected?
hey, buddy boy,
how you doing?
any of the girls
working yet?
- last day already. god, it goes fast.
- yeah.
st. anthony's
the week after next.
what's the matter, baby?
can you believe this? after all this,
she wants to go back on that ride.
she cried
for three nights after.
thride's closed, baby.
hey, show everybody
how you can walk.
come on,
they wanna see.
okay, show 'em.
show everybody
how you can walk.
show 'em.
baby, come here, baby.
come on.
have some candy.
look, cracker jack.
here you go.
come on.
where's our belly?
as you can tell
by this outfit, folks,
i've picked out something
with a little norwegian flavor.
- i'd like to play for you
the "johnny oslo shadish."
it's a typical norwegian dance,
and who could do it better
than bobby and cissy?
i don't wanna argue.
what are you watching?
the "lawrence welk" program,
chanl 55.
you want some cookies?
synch: frm
1000frtony, hey.
i tented the bulbs.
oh, good.
i've been meaning
to ask you...
the sacrimoni's--
i've been doin' his yard over
there a year and change now...
i guess
what i'm asking is
how much longer do i have to
keep doin' this on the arm?
oh, so it was okay
when we were gettin' you
out of your feech la manna
problem, huh?
but suddenly--
short fuckin' memory?
i appreciate that, tony.
don't get me wrong, but--
you're a selfish prick, sal.
you know that?
her husband's in jail. don't
you think this is the time
when mrs. sacrimoni
needs you the most?
the federal prosecutors
and myself have been told
to clear our calendars
for the next five months.
so trial is upon us.
and the feds have reached
a complete accounting
of your worth.
"the vintage wurlitzer"?
they go through
my fuckin' sock drawer?
they shot a video
the day of your arrest.
they even tracked down
the 180 grand
in boca raton
under your father's name.
they estimate your net
worth at $5 million...
while ginnlives
on scraps.
...between your cash
and portlios
with fidelity and vanguard,
your 401k and verance parachute
from essany scaffolding,
condo in deal beach
at 450,
maserati, ginny's yukon,
and the house and its contents
valued at a million two.
is this all part
of your plan, ron--
make me so fuckin'
depressed that i hang myself?
it's my obligation to raise
the idea again of cooperating.
let me explain something
to you again, ron,
but differently.
being a rat,
where i'm comin' from,
that's like asking a person
where you're comin' from
to become a fuckin' nazi.
i don't wanna hear
that shit again.
because, frankly,
i don't represent turncoats.
'cause it would kill
your practice.
what happened
to my stuffed pork loin?
you ever hear
of knocking?
i ordered it special.
you had them send it up
to carmela?
you get
what you pay for.
she's your little twin.
bacala's got
no fuckin' genes at all.
you never miss a chance
to shit on him, do you?
i'm joking, come on. she
looks like you, that's all.
i don't know why you
just can't admit
that you blame us
that you got shot.
unfortunately, i have
only myself to blame.
"unfortunately." oh-ho.
so obviously you'd like
to blame somebody.
i have only myself
to blame.
you don't blame me
for the shooting?
well you fuckin' blame
me for something!
- jan, the baby. - you know,
marrying the boss's sister--
usually it's a step up.
but you keep your
goddamn foot on our necks.
you punish bobby
because he's my husband.
- will you stop, huh?
- to be his age and not to be a captain?
oh, now i see what this
little visit's all about.
he works so hard
for you,
and what does he get?
merciless ridicule
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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