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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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with your cock out.
parquet floors,
bumper pool table
in the basement.
- huh?
- the house i'm getting.
you'll come over.
christmas eve, maybe.
i'm gonna start
a tradition.
you know, you really gotta get
yourself some help with this shit.
i will.
i'm gonna.
those fucking works,
wets my whistle, that spike.
why is that?
i don't know.
you want some?
me? nah.
okay, it's just,
you know, if you want.
guess i could toot some.
i remember...
when i did
a lot of blow,
i used
to get diarrhea
just from the smell
of paper money--
in a store,
any fucking place,
on account of all the
baby laxative in the coke
when you actually
snort it.
i meant what i said,
you need to get
your ass to rehab.
fucking narcotics
anonymous or some shit.
how do you like
this car?
it's nice,
the leather.
see ya.
here he comes.
god bless you,
st. elzear.
where's his gold hat?
pray for my mother, st. elzear.
hey, they forgot
his hat.
this is my nephew george.
just back from iraq.
- two tours he done.
- i'm proud of you, my friend.
what do you need?
i don't know.
there's prosciutto in there,
some leftover sesame noodles.
tofu would make
your doctor happy.
how's the ankle?
it's better.
cold packs helped.
did you have
the riser fixed?
yeah, yeah, brian spatafore
was over the pork store.
had him tighten up
the banister, everything.
you all right?
i have been debating
all night whether
to even say anything
about this.
i ran into liz la cerva
at the feast.
- yeah...
- she's got it in her head
that christopher
killed adriana.
what? that's insane.
i know.
then again, he does have a history
of being free with his hands.
that makes him o.j.?
she was probably drunk.
i really don't
think she was.
let me school you on
domestic violence, okay?
first and foremost,
there's always a body.
and 99 out of 100--
and this comes straight
from my cop buddies--
it happens either in the
bedroom or in the kitchen.
he killed her,
believe me with the
forensics they got nowadays,
the fibers,
we'd know about it.
the fbi came
to her house-- liz.
that's exactly my point. if
they really thought he did it,
how fast do you think
they'd haul his ass in?
sour grapes, carm.
he dumps her daughter, all of a
sudden he's scott fucking peterson.
- i thought ade dumped him.
- you know what i mean.
she was a sweet girl, ade, but the two
of them together was a toxic relationship.
yeah, they did have
a rough time of it.
and he's doing great--
he's a different person.
he's married.
he's got a kid on the way.
he's focused.
let's not sabotage
his progress.
have a dozen extra large
brought over to satriale's.
- hello.
- paul, dr. cipolla.
i'm on my way out. i received
the results of your psa test.
- and?
- not to worry.
but the numbers are a
little higher than i prefer.
- what does that mean?
- probably nothing.
likelihood is prostatitis,
simple inflammation.
you have a history of
prostate cancer in your family?
- father maybe?
- i don't know.
well, i'd like to go ahead
and schedule you for a biopsy.
this is lame.
i wanna go on the octopus.
can you stop for one minute
breaking my balls?
when your father gets back
from the bathroom with sophia,
- you can go on whatever.
- it's a kiddie ride.
yeah, but she wants to go on
the ride with her big brother.
here we go!
you ready, baby?
go for a ride
with mama?
this is too small.
i'll be all squished.
yeah, so you go sit in
that one, and wave to her.
oh, there's my girl.
there's my girl!
yeah, are you ready to go
on the ride with mama?
are you ready?
get ready.
we're gonna go soon.
oh, here we go!
all around the floor.
wipe that puss
off your face.
- my baby!
- oh my god, call an ambulance!
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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