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how's the meathook?
- had to be my fuckin' saute hand, huh?
why, you got an okay
crowd here today.
sunday pasta's
the last thing to go.
the place is on life-support
ever since word got out
to the regulars
about their credit cards.
and my staff is pissed
off about martina leaving.
benny did a real
number here, tony.
who knows? maybe it's
cursed. the fire, then this.
will you stop talkin'
like an old lady?
- artie.
- no go, huh?
he's just being dramatic.
- how are you, sweetie?
- better.
and carm, the flowers...
tonight, only the best
for the best people.
hmm, that's excellent.
hey, be careful you two,
because the way you two
are looking at each other,
pretty soon we'll have to
put a high-chair over here.
like the icing on a cake, okay? capisce?
keep your thumbs
out of the food.
we gotta talk
about your problem.
oh, great.
another idea.
how 'bout a strolling
i'm gonna give you the name
of a good psychiatrist.
she's italian.
you'll like her.
you know what? you go
about in pity for yourself.
- i go about in pity for myself?
- yeah.
i gotta tell you,
that is fucking
use the other door.
you bitch and you moan
and you blame
everybody else
for your problems,
instead of maybe... not letting the
mexicans do all the cooking for you
or, i don't know, changing
the menu or changing the decor.
i guess because you know how to eat,
you know how to run a restaurant.
on one of the bleakest
nights of my life,
after the shit with my mother
and that fuckin' storm outside,
i came here to this place.
i sat out there
with carm and my two kids
and we ate and we drank and
we were so happy to be here,
more than any other
place in the world.
and you know i'm gonna eat
here until i fall off the chair.
but in business,
sometimes shit happens.
the playing field
changes, whatever.
and you gotta do whatever you
gotta do to keep your dick up.
if you hate it here so much,
why don't you go to da giovanni?
see ife'll cook you that bland
shit for your shot-up pancreas.
i'll tell you one thing
and this is very hard.
nobody wants
to hear you talk.
they're trying to eat out
there and you come along
with your corny jokes
and your stupid stories.
just stay in the kitchen.
that'd be a start.
you wouldn't believe what these
people in the business get,
totally fuckin'
absolutely gratis.
yeah, i hear the streets
are paved with hand-jobs.
right. i scored
some major swag.
a little taste for you.
trip to australia,
first-class vouche,
some kind of golf resort.
looks like sarasota.
after what,
a 20-hour flight? no.
that's for a pocket dog.
how'd it go
with the movie star?
he was all over us, but
i don't think he's right.
we made some great contacts.
plus we saw lindsay lohan.
total piece of ass.
you hear artie
burned his hand?
yeah. him and benny.
how crazy is that?
- he okay?
- a layer of skin
came off his hand
like a glove.
but, they said, you know,
no scarring, no grafts.
- lucky.
- hmm.
well, not for nothin'.
i couldn't help but thinkin'
if you were here
watching your crew,
things wouldn't have gone
the way they did.
you let me go, t.
i asked you. now it's my fault
artie and benny got into it?
this is what i was concerned about,
christopher, the loss of focus.
not many guys have had to make
the kind of sacrifice i did.
how many times you gonna
play the adriana card?
sandy just seated
a couple.
kitchen's closed.
he said they were supposed to go to
the city but they had car trouble.
hector already left
to pick up his wife.
plus i got nothing
back here, charm.
they already opened
the bottle.
they're gonna have to eat
what i give them.
arthur, a lot of people
don't like rabbit.
my grandfather's way. only with
provencal elements i been thinking about.
i thought you were taking
it to him at the home.
okay-- out. i wanna
get outta here tonight.
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