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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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had to call the fire department.
well, maybe you need another
fresh start to fuck up.
i should go.
- oh, come on, come on.
- no.
- i'm sorry. have another one, come on.
- forget it.
i know where
your heart is.
i gotta plan
the menu for tomorrow.
my old man's a meat guy.
he said that the restaurant business
was like keeping an elephant.
it costs a fortune and sooner
or later it shits on your head.
i miss him.
hector had to trim three
inches off the fiorentinas.
great. we can't even get
the good meat anymore.
fucking western beef
is leaving us for dead.
i wanted you to call their
guy, but you were on the floor
talking to the cohen's
you can't deal with the
westeeef guy yourself,
my blushing flower?
it's not
the same from me.
and arthur,
the chatting
with the guests...
again, that's it.
it's not hector or the
meat or these assholes
that are always looking for
the next hot thing. it's me.
limit it to a quick
visit at coffee.
people wanna talk
to each other, not you.
really? you know better
than new jersey zagat--
"arthur bucco,
warm and convivial host"?
yeah, we're here
right now.
sure, the broad strokes.
kingsley's agent says we
grab lunch tomorrow, poolside.
- that guy, jay?
- yeah, i got him out of some trouble
on a party yacht
down in the keys.
ben kingsley, can he do
a new jersey accent?
to the viceroy.
i usually send
the bags up, hit the bar,
decompress a little,
unless you're against it.
- what are you talking about?
- you're in aa.
you gave the stewardess an earful
when she put down the champagne.
i just don't wanna make you
feel uncomfortable.
i can deal with it.
be careful
with this wine,
because the way you two
are looking at each other,
pretty soon
we're gonna have to...
- put a high-chair
right here.
did you clip the daily-special
cards to all the menus?
hey, artie,
you ready to order?
why you kicking
her ass like that?
if you're referring to the
fact that she's my employee
and i'm telling her what to do, last
time i checked, that's the way it works.
she thinks you want her
to cry. i said not true.
she told you that?
'cause you two
talk all the time.
- yeah. so what?
- so, maybe you should hire her.
i know
how to treat people.
- you're a people person, obviously.
- i am.
and when they're good
to me, they get treats.
and when they're not, well, i
got this severance thing i do.
it's a complete break,
i get it.
see, 'cause you talked around that
threat so much, i almost missed it.
sorry to interrupt
you guys,
but, arthur, you have
to plate the salmon.
arthur, the kid
is a hood, okay?
if he feels protective
of his girlfriend,
you should just
leave it alone.
she's a slow learner.
she's a nice girl,
and as predicted,
the customers love her
with her little stories
from the old country.
you are just
picking on her.
it's disgusting.
he's a married man.
so it's 500 for the hour,
300 for half.
and if you wanna keep
skiing, that's extra.
all right, eden, how's about 400 for 40
and four more lines and then
we'll take it from there?
that'll work.
those are
some amazing tits.
thank you, sweetie.
carlo's running late. route
23, they think there's a sniper.
the other night--
it's this place.
you know, the rope's
a little tight
at my collar.
down 40%
from last year.
- you need a little help?
- from you? god no.
oh, there's the gratitude
i was looking for.
no, i mean i'm not
at that point, thank god.
but thank you.
well, listen, the other
day i was driving along
and i was thinking
about your little problem.
how about a little promotion?
a coupon, two-for-one?
two-fers, wow.
you mean, like you get a
free spaghetti and meatballs
if you bring another cheap
gomer douche-bag in here?
how about an early-bird
special? salad wagon?
this is a fine dining establishment.
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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