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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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to find him and put him down
for the honor of the family.
oh, please, huh?
you know, certain people,
they love the high drama,
like fuckin'
high school girls.
and others i could name, they just
can't wait to whack somebody, anybody.
but some people feel it's
against our principles, tony.
a sin.
carlo, let's be honest
with ourselves here.
we all know vito's
not the first.
we're gonna do
great things.
aw, jesus, thanks again,
anthony. thank you.
it's 2006.
there's pillow biters
in the special forces.
let me just
ask you, ton'.
sake of argument.
let's say he shows up.
you gonna kiss this guy
on both cheeks?
take paulie, okay?
you know perfectly well
guys like him never kick up
their full percent to you.
you look the other way,
price of doing business.
but you cut vito slack now
that he's "out of the closet,"
just the excuse people need
to go off the reservation,
and start withholding
serious money.
let me read
in peace, will you?
having fun
with all this paper?
i can't believe
this is just one case.
rafaella martino. i'm the
lead attorney on this mess.
meadow soprano.
- i'm michael kardish. i work with rae.
- hi.
ms. soprano came
highly recommended.
columbia dean's list, volunteer
at the south bronx law center...
this is really
interesting too.
of course it's different than the
kind of thing we see at the law center.
clients there are so
trampled and abused--
welcome to
white-collar fraud.
i need the emails from box
44 and 45, july and august.
pull them and leave them
with my assistant.
tony soprano's kid.
building my
lats back up.
did you by any chance talk to the
building inspector about my house?
shit, i forgot.
the sorting's tedious,
but some of the cases--
this guy was
pretty clever, really.
he set up all these
phony investment firms
and then just siphoned
the money out:
- $80 million.
- whoa.
yeah, he's out on bail.
then you look at
my father's friend,
federal marshals
dragging him
out of his own
daughter's wedding.
he hasn't even
been tried yet.
you're innocent in this
country until proven guilty.
yeah, but johnny macaroni
was indicted for murder.
they couldn't let him
stay 15 more minutes?
you better put
your pants on.
you know why
they did that.
to humiliate him
in front of everyone.
metal detectors,
my father with the shoes?
it was pure harassment.
yeah, but the guy's lucky
they even let him out.
oh, so white-collar criminals
can destroy people's lives
and steal their pensions
and it's no big deal to you.
you know what?
bad subject.
let's talk about
something else.
no, let's talk about it
so we can stop
with the macaroni cracks.
weird, since you're
part italian yourself.
please, my dad
is so deracinated.
yeah, the way he prefers it.
all those hysterical jokes
about italian cheeses
and smelly feet.
why are you
picking a fight?
i'm not, but you're slamming
my family. i don't know.
this is good shit.
it's amazing.
you weren't there for the
"grand inquisition" about vito.
i knew it.
i'm picking the fight.
i was in the back
of a butcher shop
with your uncle paulie,
ratting out a guy i don't
really even know.
i mean what do you think's going
to happen to vito for being gay?
and don't give me any of that
"poverty of the mezzogiorno" bullshit.
we're in fucking
caldwell, new jersey,
and you're on your
high horse about justice?
they are gonna
mete it out themselves.
this is untenable.
this is nice,
this pot.
yeah, that's a baneda.
arts and crafts movement.
yeah? i really don't know
much about this stuff.
well, you've got
a good eye.
that's the most expensive
piece in the store.
you're a natural.
synch: frm
1000fryou guys speak english?
not some too much.
i just wanna say
it's been a while
since we opened the books
and in regards
to you guys--
burt, gerry--
as a man
of few words, i--
not few enough,
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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