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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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for him!
i feel like i've been
stabbed in the heart.
we can't have him here
in our social club no more.
i mean, that much i do know.
social club?
he's gotta go!
i wanna think about it.
yeah, i don't know.
what the fuck? what is
there to think about?
- sit down.
- fuck that! i'll say it again!
what the fuck is there
to think about?
you gonna take care of his
kids, huh, after he's gone?
it's true.
they didn't do nothing.
poor little guys.
now sit down.
i'm sorry if i yelled, t.
it's just...
how much more
betrayal can i take?
vito, a fag.
big construction tycoon.
ton', when he was always talking
about "greasing the union,"
who knew that's
what he meant?
all right, this stays
in these four walls.
am i understood?
- phil, oh my god.
- you poor kid.
i know. i can't
believe it myself.
i keep waiting
for him to call.
how long am i supposed to tell
the kids he's away on business?
that fuckin' shitbag.
i get my hands on him
i'm gonna tear him
limb from limb.
- oh, phil, don't say that.
- you're my cousin he married,
making a mockery
of the whole sacrament.
but what do we
really know?
i mean, maybe there
were signs, but...
vito spatafore
is a good man,
and he's
a wonderful dad.
somebody sees something one time
and he's tossed aside like garbage?
that's why
i'm here, honey.
there's been confirmation
through the grapevine.
vito was seen
in a car with a man.
i don't want to get
graphic beyond that,
the idea of it
repulses mso much.
what confirmation?
the witness has
no reason to lie.
we can't be in denial
no more, much as we love him.
where do you think
he might have gone, honey?
so we can get him back here,
get him to do something about it.
excuse me, angie here?
in the office.
we can get you anything
you want, sweetheart,
air bags,
chrome rims--
- oh, hi.
- carm, hi.
i'm sorry. am i interrupting something?
i'm here for the free body work
certificates for the auction.
- oh, that's right.
- but if you're busy...
this'll just take
another sec.
okay, sure.
they were doing something
behind closed doors.
well you know angie's
put money on the street.
how do you know?
- angie told me.
- she didn't tell me.
probably 'cause of tony. aw, maybe he
didn't want you to know something like that.
me and my big mouth.
she's got enough money
to do that, huh?
well, she's pretty successful
with that body shop, so...
our grandmothers did it.
those were harder times,
but...a' salut', right?
she's one of us. now it's
like she's one of them.
- you wanted to see me, ton'?
- yeah.
hey, carlo.
- good to see you.
- sit down.
putting you in charge of
all construction business,
replacing vito.
holy shit!
guys respect you
across the board,
you done real good
real with the ports...
thank you, ton'.
jeez, i don't know
what to say.
we'll have a drink.
a' salut'
a' salut.
listen, ton'...
since you think enough of me
to give me this responsibility
i might as well be
the one to say it.
all right,
skip the preambles.
the guys on vito's crew,
they say if he
was to come back,
they refuse to take
orders from him.
oh, they do?
not only that,
a couple of the other
captains won't talk to him,
and i don't disagree.
paulie especially.
now that he's
accepted it, hey...
he's the most out
for vito's scalp.
yeah, you should hear him, ton'. he's
goin' fuckin' mau-mau on the subject.
it's not their fucking
decision who they work with.
let me tell
you something.
fuckin' vito,
through sheer hard work,
turned himself
into my best earner.
i don't even know if i'd
have the new boat without him.
he's a come-from-behind
kind of guy.
that's true, but--
so i'm gonna burn
that kind of dedication?
it's hard to believe i couldn't get something
more out of him, if he were to come back.
stocks, offshore shit,
i don't know.
these other guys feel
an effort should be made
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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