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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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- vito?
- you got him?
- who?
- put vito on the phone, asshole.
- fuck you, motherfucker.
what, are you sucking
his dick? put him on.
how about i kick
your ass, you fucking faggot.
yeah, that's right, telephone
tough guy. put vito on the phone!
there ain't no vito, man. i found
the phone on the side of the road.
- what?
- hang on a second.
where'd you find the phone?
oh, you motherfucker.
what happened?
bob at the marina
where tony docks his boat
says he'll donate
a sunset dinner cruise.
- i paid $300 for that?
- yeah.
i got seasick in bermuda
on one of those.
- oh, angie, finally.
- sorry.
i had these sales reps
in my office.
we're just going over the
list for the silent auction.
- we're already up to about 7500 bucks.
- oh good, artie.
- ladies.
- a silent auction again? why not get live auctioneer?
i got sea bream,
porcini-dusted ravioli,
i hate to be a pain,
but i gotta get back.
- can we just let him cook?
- sure.
great, go for it.
where were we?
jesus christ.
he's always interrupting.
people enjoy
the silent auction.
i thought our goal
was to raise money.
i say we get 'em liquored up, let
'em tear each other's throats out.
- well...
- it's just an idea.
anyhow, put me down for $2,000
worth of body work and/or paint.
2,000? madonn', ange.
so, did you hear about
vito and marie? separated.
oh, sorry, i gotta take this.
- hello?
- they were just at the wedding. they seemed fine.
what'd i tell you? is that
a beautiful fish or what?
oh, for god's sake,
all right!
can i just get some
prosciutto melon to go?
i'm sorry, guys.
i gotta get back.
no, the quarter panel
from the lesabre, i said.
oh shit.
you didn't know
he was gay?
actually i had him pegged
the whole time, but...
he a close friend?
not only that, he's one
of my most valuable guys.
he's ambitious,
he's focused.
when i was in
the hospital,
he helped carmela tremendously
when we were strapped.
you've implied you have
millions of dollars.
your hospital stay
was actually that costly?
well no, but, uh...
is that the issue?
you tell me.
what is the issue?
he's a fa-ag!
now what am i
supposed to do?
about what?
i know what. they're
born that way, right?
it's not their fault.
frankly i think they go
about in pity for themselves.
i don't think they
see it as a fault.
in your circle i'm sure
you got all kinds
of gays
and trans-whatevers
of all stripes.
but not where
i come from.
you personally--
how do you feel
about homosexuality?
i find it disgusting.
men kissing men, holding
hands in the street.
every fuckin' tv show now,
they rub your nose on it.
although, that--
the lesbian thing
with the, uh...
jennifer beals,
it's not bad.
she a dyke in real life?
i don't give
too much of a shit
what people do
behind closed doors
with the consenting
although don't forget:
i'm a strict catholic.
i agree with that
senator sanitorium,
who says if we let
this stuff go too far,
pretty soon we'll
be fucking dogs.
i hear a lot
of ambivalence.
this guy that
got outed, look,
the guys that work for me
are asking for head.
his head.
what the fuck?
you know, him and me, we're
in the construction business.
now some of these union
old-timers, the contractors,
they're not gonna want
to be seen with him.
and i'm talking huge deals,
major fucking dollars.
a lot of your circle
must have done jail time.
they can't be strangers
to male-male sexual contact.
you get a pass for that.
well, that's nice.
well, what are
you gonna do?
there's no women there.
you're there
five, 10 years.
just for the record, my
incarceration was very short term,
so i never had any need
for any anal-- you know.
so this fellow who's been
outed, what's he saying?
you think i'm lying,
don't you?
about when
i was in jail.
i've given you no indication
i think you're lying.
what the
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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