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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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- no.
- they say that sometimes  we go
Around feeling pity for ourselves,
But behind our back,
A great wind
Is carrying us.
We don't see we're part
Of a much bigger reality.
- then we die.
- why are you so
interested in all this?
I was in this coma
And, uh...
Look, i don't
Remember nothing,
But before i woke up,
I felt like
I was being pulled
Towards something.
And i don't
Wanna go back.
And my wife told me
I woke up at one point
And said,
"who am i?
Where am i going?"
Kinda makes you wonder,
About heaven and hell.
That presupposes a duality
Of good and evil.
You know it gets us
Back to the idea
Of separate,
Opposing entities.
You know where i go
With that.
But this bible guy
I know says you're
Going to hell.
Maybe he's right.
Got my test results back.
Laryngeal cancer.
Jesus, i'm sorry.
You know i was thinking,
Maybe you could
Do me a favor
And, uh, you know
What's the term,
"whack" me?
Sorry, bad joke.
- walking alone again.
- what, i'm gonna wait
for vito?
Hour and a half
To take a dump,
That guy.
Could build a jetty
With what comes out.
Little paulie tells me
You didn't go to your
Aunt's funeral.
And i'll tell you
Something else--
I'm done with nucci.
Four g's a month
For that nursing home?
Fuck that.
- what are you gonna do,
throw her out on the street?
- way i see it,
Serves her right.
What the fuck, paulie?
That woman loved you.
She fed you.
How many times she
Bail you out of the can
When you were a kid?
Huh? Am i right?
I'll tell ya
What really fries me--
It's not nucci.
It's dottie.
I know to your way
Of thinking, you didn't
Have a great mother--
- all i'm saying,
Livia, with all her faults,
Never abandoned you.
For christ's sake, paulie.
You know what your
Problem is?
You go around
In pity for yourself.
You think
You got it bad.
You're not stuck in some hospital
Room with fucking tubes coming
Out of you.
You can eat food
Like a normal person.
- t,
I never meant
To trivialize your
Well you gotta
Get beyond this petty
Bullshit, paulie.
You're part of something bigger.
when you gonna learn that?
- my ass!
- marvin?!
Ow! They shot me
In my ass!
They shot me in my ass!
Pearl's oyster bar--
The lobster roll.
Listen, ton'.
That package,
From vito and paulie?
I have to believe
That there was more there.
Vito especially
Is somebody you
Should watch.
- mr. Soprano?
Good morning,
Mrs. Soprano.
Ah, the bird of prey.
Okay, it looks like
Your last drainage tube
Is coming out today.
Dr. Plepler says
You're stable and the pain
Is manageable
So that's good news.
You're husband's
Coming home.
- are you sure he's ready?
- what does she give a shit?
She's trying to save a buck.
Hold on a minute.
Guy next door--
Mr. Schwinn.
Had surgery
This morning, cancer.
You know anything
About it?
I heard they
Removed his larynx.
That's a mexican word
For gypsies.
Tony? How are you?
All right.
I made you
Some stuffed zucchini.
- he can't eat that.
- oh oh, i'm sorry.
It was thoughtful
Listen, my condolences
Regarding dick.
- you get my flowers?
- oh yeah. They were beautiful.
- have a seat.
- oh thank you.
Uh, jas told me
About the conversation
You had.
I can only imagine
How upset you must be.
Well it is a very
Unfortunate situation.
Jason just doesn't understand
How the business works.
- that's for sure.
- no, it's not his fault.
It's my fault.
Dick and i purposely
Kept him in the dark.
Blame me, not him.
You're not involved
In this, helen.
I was too wrapped up
In my own grief.
I didn't realize...
He's my boy, tony.
It's my baby.
It'd kill me
If anything happened
To him.
what are you
talkin' about?
Tony, please.
You have a son.
I'm begging you.
Helen, believe me,
Nothin's gonna happen
To him.
I'm his mother, tony.
I love him.
if anyone has to pay
for this, let it
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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