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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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call it.
It means negative.
I'm holding a large
ownership position
open for you.
I hope you approve.
Actually, frankly...
all due respect,
I think you owe me this,
as I came to you
about Adriana.
You've got him up?
I know how it looks, but he should
be upright as much as possible.
- I'm gonna leave you two alone.
- Thanks for everything.
I don't know
how you do it.
That's gotta feel
good, huh?
The simple things.The fleshy part of the thigh
i'll be as fast as i can.
Jesus christ.
I'll never get
Used to seeing that.
Won't have to
Much longer.
Got you scheduled
For surgery tomorrow.
finally close you up.
- more surgery?
- it's a good sign.
Dr. Plepler doesn't think
He'll need access anymore.
- watch it with
the morphine, now.
Beautiful thought.
Who put that up?
My sister.
Who else?
Why you keep it up there
If you don't find it
My daughter likes it.
Everybody keeps telling me
How lucky i am.
You are.
Septic shock?
As long as you were out?
Attending staff
Gave you 20 to one.
You read the paper?
My own uncle
Puts me through this.
New gunshot.
Rapper. Da lux.
He's hot.
Got shot seven times
Coming out of a club.
He's still got
All his pancreas, though.
All done.
I've been feeling...
I don't know,
Not myself,
Since i woke up
From the coma.
My thoughts keep
Running away with me.
These feelings?
They'll pass.
It's very common
In post-surgical
Maybe you'd like
To talk to someone.
Social worker?
hey babe, how ya feeling?
Oh, good good.
That candy striper out there,
There's not much of a selection.
There was something
On "sink the bismarck,"
But half the pages were gone.
But you like dinosaurs.
Having surgery tomorrow.
They say they're
Closing me up.
My condolences.
Your dad was
The best boss
Any of us ever had.
We're sad to hear
You're selling
The company.
I've been going
Over the books.
We're paying
An anthony soprano
The second highest salary
In the company.
He's a consultant.
Where do i reach him?
I want to make some changes,
But his office is
Full of junk.
There's a 55-horse
Johnson outboard
On the desk.
Looks like nobody's
Ever there.
He's in the hospital.
You should talk
To his colleague,
Mr. Gaultieri.
Oh, tony soprano.
Of course.
I knew him when i was a kid.
He was a friend
Of the family.
I'm having surgery tomorrow.
I'm not supposed to eat!
You fucking
Believe this?
Always something.
So anyway,
She was crying
The entire night
And i didn't get
Any sleep.
Why don't you ride
On the fucking zephyrs
And sleep on a cloud?
What, you think
I put that up there?
- i didn't.
- right. Who did?
Hello. I can't hear--
Yeah-- talk louder!
Between the reception
And her language skills...
I suppose you got
A little choo-choo train
At home, huh?
Takes your toast
Right from the kitchen,
Delivers it to your bedroom?
Look, ton'-- i'm sorry about what
Happened with junior and the
Shooting, but--
Don't mention junior
To me ever again.
I'll tell you this, bobby.
You can't hide behind this
Brother-in-law shit forever.
You're an okay guy,
But each and every man
Is judged on his own merit.
- have you
heard the good news?
- jesus christ!
That's right.
Aaron arkaway,
Jan's friend.
Oh yeah, right.
We're protesting
Downstairs and...
I saw jan in the elevator
This morning. She told me
You were up here.
That's what all
That yelling and
Singing is?
The druggist
From the hospital
Pharmacy was fired
For refusing
To fill birth control
We're trying
To get his job back.
Tony, this is
Our prayer leader,
Bob brewster.
aaron's told me
A lot about you.
I thought we'd come up
And pray with you.
- bottom feeding, huh?
- it's where the big fish are.
Son of a fuckin' bitch!
They cut my morphine,
Trying to wean me off.
You know,
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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