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minute I met Tony,
I knew who that guy was.
On my second date, he brought me
and my mother each a dozen roses
and my father
a $200 power drill.
Not the typical story
of young love.
And I don't know
if I loved him in spite of it...
or because of it.
My parents
weren't like that.
And I knew, whether
consciously or not,
I knew that behind
that power drill,
there was probably
some guy with a broken arm,
you know, or worse.
And you coped
with that, how?
I'd go to my priest,
and I would cry,
and say how bad I felt
about how my husband made his money,
but that was bullshit.
Because there are far bigger crooks
than my husband.
But the kids...
they don't decide
who they're born to.
So now what?
Yeah, that's just it.
Now what?
It's all out in the open now,
the whole thing.
And them, they're not
in grade school anymore.
They become...
the longer they stay
with us...
Oh, God.
Putting aside the moral
and legal issues,
clarity can't be
a bad thing.
Tony's second night
in the coma, I told him I loved him.
When was the last time
I said that?
Are you afraid you aren't
going to feel that way
when he wakes up?
Anthony tells me
things have been...
better between you.
Come here, honey.
It's okay, honey.
You're gonna be okay.
I can't breathe.
- It's all right.
- Come here, honey.
Can't breathe.
Can't breathe.
It's okay, honey.
You're gonna be okay.
- What's going on?
- Would you move your car, please, sir?
Sil, I didn't hear
from you.
Sil's on the canvas now.
Fucking 100% disaster.
Point is, Tony goes,
let's face it,
somebody's gonna have to
step into the breach.
I'm a young man.
Now without the weight,
I'm a healthy man
with longevity.
I hear Sil
is at St. Barnabas.
My God, what is
happening to us around here?
Sil's gonna be fine.
You have enough worries.
Listen, sweetheart,
you're expecting something,
and I can't get into specifics,
and Tony wouldn't
want me to,
but there are certain people looking
over our shoulders right now.
It's okay, Vito.
I'm not expecting anything.
Money's not an issue.
Like you said, I got bigger worries,
like this son of mine.
You gotta trust me
on this, hon.
Suspicions get raised if we were
to move it to you at this moment.
I got this.
Your ma says
now's our moment.
The main thing,
when people come to sit with dad,
the doctors want
positive talk.
- It helps in his recovery.
- Got it.
Oof, Madonn'
he looks terrible.
Uncle Paulie,
you can't say stuff like that.
You have to
stay positive.
Yeah, it's just
nothing prepares you for that.
Uncle Paulie!
Only one person
at a time, please.
She's a ballbuster.
Finn's on his way up.
I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?
Remember, stay positive.
I gotta wear a jock,
the doc says.
Keep the testes elevated.
Of course, it could
be a lot worse, right?
They gave me
an ultrasound, no rupture.
I mean,
the good thing is
I hurt it doing a major
piece of business.
I saw a little action,
and the next thing,
I was at the urologist.
Fucking guy tells
me I can't expect the same things
from my body no more.
I tell you, T,
first the eyes,
then the teeth.
Next you find out
you can't take pissing for granted.
Some joke, huh?
When I was in the service,
I won the chin-ups cup
three weeks in a row.
Fucking beautiful
definition, too.
Guy asked me to model
for the boxing poster.
He was half a fag,
but I was flattered just the same.
Now look at this.
Fucking wrinkles like
an old lady's cunt.
You don't think it's gonna happen
to you, but I'm feeling it, Tony.
Phineas Fogg
back in town.
He forgets
all the little people.
Hey, Vito,
how's Mr. Soprano doing?
Let's hope he
pulls through, huh?
So glad you're here.
I'm gonna let
you two lovebirds be.
That... don't worry about him.
He's harmless.
That fucking agita, T.
I mean, do I blame
myself for this life?
The shit that happens,
like with Puss.
Standup one day,
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