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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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guy had the tip.
Should be a nice
chunk for everybody.
Carmela, she gets T's cut under
the circumstances, correct?
It's your call.
I know it's
my fucking call.
Yes, that is
the correct thing.
Oh, ladies' room's
next door.
I can reach it
from here.
Grim fucking scene,
that ICU.
She's one brave lady.
I was just saying, I'm gonna get
T's piece of my half to Sil for her.
- Of the thing.
- Back up there, Bluto.
Your half? I did
all the heavy lifting.
You would never have
heard about it without my information.
Big help.
It was fucking mayhem.
You said the place
was empty.
Doc says I need an ultrasound on
my groin and balls.
Sil, you wanna
weigh in here?
It breaks
half and half.
You both kick Tony's
to me to deal with.
I'll have it for you,
Sil, the whole 80K.
Ho, ho, ho, 80K?
How's that 20% of a million?
Have a cookie, you're delirious.
It was 750, tops.
Fuck it all, Paulie.
Tommy cased that shithole.
What's with the fucking
accounting out there?
That's a 100 grand apiece.
You got it?
We're looking
after Carmela.
- No question.
- Of course.
Sooner than later,
I gotta piss first.
You want half of that, too?
In a prior incarnation,
I would
get my load on,
blow 20 residuals
at the track.
As writers,
we are all hung up.
But we are also
hung up
on our own hang-up.
We mythologize
our inner narrative.
Take for example,
Who is Grendel,
but the habit,
the disease.
Ah, fresh casualties
in the battle
of the blank page.
Welcome to the Writer's Guild.
Have a seat.
Take me...
my past as an addict.
Get the fuck up!
Come on!
Give me that
fucking fisheye.
I'm offering you a way to wipe
your fucking obligation.
Wasn't me who told you
to start gambling again.
I can't write a feature now.
I just landed a staff job.
People are seeing huge profits
with these digital horror movies.
Douchebags who never
made a film before.
That "Saw" thing,
400 grand to make,
took in 100 mil
I'm 100% well.
I deliver this script,
I owe you nothing?
You hear this dude?
100% well.
He's a bad boy, huh,
with that lingo?
Real fucking
dark character.
My idea is "Saw" meets
"Godfather 2."
Proven track record...
both genres.
Young wiseguy,
gets betrayed by his people.
They whack him,
leave his body parts
in dumpsters all around the city.
Long story short,
he is put back together by science,
or maybe it's
And he gets fucking payback on everyone
who fucked him over,
including the cunt
he was engaged to.
She was getting porked by his boss
the night the hero was killed.
We'll have a meeting
We hear what you've fleshed
out before we go to script.
Bing, 2:30.
Don't make me
come look for you.
An entire room
full of writers,
and you did nothing!
Sir, it's family only
in the unit.
I'll be out of your hair
in a minute, sister.
I keep telling you people, I'm gonna
have to call the hospital administrator.
I wanted to let you know
there's a major package coming your way
from Paulie and Vito,
very significant.
You all have done
so much already.
We just found out insurance won't pay
for physical therapy.
So thank you.
You wanna come in,
say hello?
Uh, sure.
- Hello, Father.
- Silvio.
I have Napoleons,
but I also got fruit
for a certain party.
Either's good.
The program says sugar after meals
- tells the body you're full.
- When you married my cousin,
everybody used to say you
looked like John Travolta.
He's almost back
to his white suit.
The Bacala question.
Bobby don't have
any claim.
I don't know why Sil ruled so
half-assed on you. It's not my style.
He's worried more
about taking care of Carmela
- than the actual fucking earners.
- Please.
With Johnny awaiting trial and the feds
freezing his assets,
who do you think's
keeping Ginny in butter brickle?
Lucky for me, those last years
I was in the can,
my kid brother Billy
took care
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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