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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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face seeing him like this.
- It frightens him.
- It frightens everybody.
He should get a pass?
You know kids his age
are getting blown up
in Iraq.
You know something
that's interesting? Janice noticed
that when AJ talks about Tony's
possibly not coming out of this,
he can't even use
the word "dad."
He says "Anthony Soprano
is not going to die."
Well, that's a fascinating
psychological nugget,
but it don't change the fact
that if that kid
don't pull his end in this,
he's never going to forgive
himself and nobody else should either.
It's just that Tony has
always loomed so large for AJ.
Well maybe it's just that AJ is a
selfish boy who doesn't give a shit.
I'm sorry your son
is no longer with us
but don't use mine as a guinea pig
for your ideas on parenting.
I never saw you
take a hard line.
Why do you think I'm talking
to you like this?
The thing is,
Tony has an open incision.
If you are there in the room
and they change the dressing,
it's very hard to take.
And I don't know
that AJ should see that.
Get the fuck
off the property!
Hey! I warned you yesterday.
The curb line is your limit.
I know.
I know you hate it.
I'm not going to tell
you what to do, Finn.
How would you describe your husband's
relationship with his uncle?
Were they close?
You know of any issue
they might have been having?
I don't speak with Junior.
I haven't for years.
My husband knows how I feel
and he never brought him up.
What was
your conflict about?
It's not something
I'm going to discuss with you.
Your husband ever talk about
Junior Soprano's mental state?
You're flying
full-fare coach?
I did hear him
telling other people
how Junior was getting
more and more confused...
calling my husband Johnny,
which was his father's name;
resisting getting a haircut,
that kind of thing.
You spoke with your husband
what time of the night of the incident?
- L... I don't know.
- I'm not bailing.
Meadow, could you?
- I'm just trying to understand.
- Understand what?
You're coming out from California
to support me with my father being shot
or because dental school
is just sucking for you.
Is that so awful?
If you have any more questions
you're going to have to call my lawyer.
When he was taken
into custody,
Junior made
pointed references
to the McGuire Sisters,
Sam Giancana.
- You mean the Kennedy assassination?
- Yeah.
You mean
as related to this?
- I had to ask.
- My husband was three years old.
Oh, I could sleep
right here.
It's all right.
He'll be okay.
The Shelby GT 500?
450 horsepower.
Oh baby, and this guy
on campus has one?
And the Mustang's not
as expensive as the M3
I used to talk about
getting all the time.
Jennifer, another round
when you get your chance.
Oh, Ahmed.
You guys here again?
You ought to put up a tent
on this fucking bar.
How's Tony?
The girl said he was hurt pretty bad?
- He's keeping his dick up.
- His uncle did this to him?
I was saying to Muhammad,
why the hell...
Not something
we talk about.
Please, give Tony our best
when you talk to him.
I will.
Hey, Dad?
I'm going to get
Uncle Junior for this.
Don't worry.
I watched since I was little
how nice you were to him.
And he doesn't just get
to do this to you,
put you in here
and get away with it.
You're my dad.
And I'm going to put a bullet
in his fucking mummy head.
I promise.
I can't believe
we're not going to like,
do stuff together again.
'Cause we will.
I'm positive.
How's he doing?
Hi, Dad.
The doctor knows.
The Chinese guy.
He's calling the other guy to get
permission to change the medications.
I'll stay if you want
to pee or anything.
How's he doing?
They didn't come back
with the fever medicine yet.
I'm so proud of you, AJ.
You can't imagine how much
this means to your father.
Who knows what it means?
He just lies there.
Well, it means a lot to me then,
how about that?
Thank you for doing
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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