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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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kimmie in the city,
I suppose you were staying
at his apartment?
Look, there's
something else.
I've decided not
to go to med school.
What? Why?
Oh, it's just too hard.
- Isn't anything that's worthwhile?
- You have no idea.
- Of course not.
- Don't get sarcastic.
I really think
it's law for me.
I mean, you should hear patrick
talk about the justice system
And what it means.
It's really inspiring.
Obviously Sheila resents me.
I'm dating her father.
The sullen looks,
the transference to me
Of her issues
with her mom...
as your favorite
patient says,
"Maybe I should put
my shoe up her ass?"
Which patient of mine
says that?
Mine, Elliot.
Your favorite patient
of mine?
He hasn't been
in the paper much lately.
You miss that,
don't you?
My father was a rabid
"untouchables" fan.
Make of that
what you will.
What, Elliot?
I ran into nancy duggan
last week.
- Do you know nancy?
- Vaguely.
She's on staff
at rikers island,
Works with a lot of
sociopaths, as you can imagine.
Anyway, she told me
something interesting.
A lot of studies
about talk therapy
As it relates
to sociopaths
And criminals,
One of them is the
criminal personality
Conducted by yochelson
at St. Elizabeth's.
It concludes
That talk therapy,
While not only being
useless with sociopaths,
Actually serves
to validate them.
Yochelson says they sharpen
their skills as conmen
On their therapists.
Crocodile tears,
what have you.
Why are you smirking?
- I'm not.
- Oh really?
We showed data.
The one-Year
reconviction rates
Were higher for offenders in therapy
Than for those receiving
no treatment at all.
Uh, some peppers
and cheese.
Eh, gorgonzola,
all right? Don't forget.
Whoa whoa!
Sit down.
- Sit down.
- Easy easy.
You motherfucker.
My fucking daughter?
My fucking daughter,
you motherfucker.
My fuckin' daughter!
Hey, want some
sambuca with this?
Tony, you're making
a big fuckin' mistake here.
How about I put a bullet
in your fuckin' head, huh?
Don't do it!
You want some?
It's always what
you think, isn't it?
It's never how I feel.
Oh, poor you.
It's all your mother's
fault, isn't it?
- I didn't say that.
- You're a mama's boy.
You're gonna
call me names now?
No one is calling
anyone any names.
How about
my confirmation?
You called me
an animal.
I did not!
I was in the garage
and you said,
"What kind of animal smokes
marijuana at his confirmation?"
He was using illegal drugs
in the home.
Did it ever occur to you that I
might have been self-Medicating?
Give me a break,
will you?
And how about
second grade?
You made me show up to
school in that dorky raincoat.
I got beat up
because of it.
You would hole
up in that room for hours.
Because I was never really secure
expressing my feelings in that house.
I mean, that's why.
What kind of poem is that
to teach college students?
Would you like
to tell your parents
What your
grandmother said?
My mother?
Dad's mom.
What'd she say?
That it's all
a big nothing.
What is?
That was her,
all right.
Okay, fine, she said
those kinds of things--
She sat up in bed--
When she could
hardly move.
She could hardly
She said in the end that your
friends and family let you down,
And that you die
in your own arms.
When was this?
When she was
in that nursing home
And you used
to make me go see her.
We're not too young
to be grandpas.
Carmine Lupertazzi.
- I'll see you later, skip.
- All right.
We should have dinner,
You know, Carm,
Donna, maybe the kids.
I hear wedding bells
are in the air.
You want anything?
No, I'm good.
If there's anything I can
do, Tony, for Anthony jr....
thank you.
When alexandra had
that bout of anorexia,
We had this terrific
She tried to kill herself,
your daughter?
She had serious problems
though, didn't she?
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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