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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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for stopping by.
Next time we'll have
party hats.
Your nephew's widow,
She get my flowers?
Well, if you sent 'em,
I'm sure she did.
Well, I won't expect
a thank you anytime soon.
The grieving process, it takes
time the closer you are to somebody.
Yeah, I know.
So, brass tacks,
What brings you
all the way out to the city?
Good news. The condos
at the navy yard--
Paulie's guy at
the joint fitters
Says they're
breaking ground.
- Well, that is good.
- Good, yeah.
Uh, the other thing,
this asbestos--
I thought about
your offer.
What do you say
to 15%
Plus we forget
about the balance
Of what you owe me
on the vitamin truck?
First off,
it wasn't an offer.
It's my position: 25%.
That's it?
What else would you
like me to say?
Come on, Phil,
what's the problem?
I come here
in good faith,
I make a reasonable
Which I considered...
and rejected.
Do we need to talk
in private?
For what?
Okay then, in front
of everybody...
when you were sick
In the hospital,
We talked.
We shared a...
an understanding
about life.
This is business, Anthony.
Yeah, I know.
But I'm talking to you
here on a human level.
There's a limit, Phil.
Come on.
A point where business
bleeds into other shit,
Feelings make things
financially unfeasible.
Charles schwab
over here.
So that's it?
No leeway, no compromise,
just stupid fuckin' jokes?
You want compromise?
How's this?
20 years in the can,
I wanted manicott'.
I compromised.
I ate grilled cheese
off the radiator instead.
I wanted
to fuck a woman,
But I compromised.
I jacked off
in a tissue.
You see where
I'm going?
- Butch, coco, didn't anybody call you guys?
- About what?
- Don't tell me the fuckin' checks are late?
- There ain't any checks.
- The fuck you talkin' about?
- Silvio-- Mr. Soprano's guy--
Came by this morning,
said to pull your jobs.
- Whoa whoa whoa.
- Fuck that.
- Where's our money?
- I don't got it, there's no jobs.
I'm sorry, guys. Somebody
really should have called you.
- Jesus Christ!
- Ho!
Guys, that's enough, come on.
It's not his fault.
- Oh, yeah? Maybe it's
your fuckin' fault?
Call the police!
Tony Soprano
owes you $320.
I was just watching
"borat" on cable.
You can watch that thing 50
times and it's still hilarious.
He brings that lady
his shits.
It wasn't fair
to the people involved.
You loved it
when it came out.
What do you want,
- How was your exam?
- I didn't take it.
Leave that!
Thank you.
Why didn't you
take the test?
'Cause I dropped out,
What's going on
with you?
I'm your sister,
You have
to talk to me.
Is this still
about blanca?
You know, I don't
know anymore.
I know how
you feel, okay?
When Finn and I split,
I cried every day
For, like, a month.
You realize we're
gonna bomb iran?
You don't know that.
You watch.
Bush, before he
leaves office--
And you know
I'm right.
But you need to learn
to shut stuff out.
Are you crazy?
I mean, do you hear
what we're talking about?
You say that,
but I come in here
And you're surfing
the web for porn.
It's not porn.
"Al jazeera"?
Don't you ever feel like
there's no point to any of this?
Why don't you try
setting goals for yourself?
Maybe you
should move out?
Oh right,
in my condition?
I mean, I can't
hold a job.
Jesus, A.J., there has to
be something you can do.
Look, I'm ill, Meadow.
All right, I'm on medication.
Millions of people
take lexapro.
I need mom's cooking.
It could mess
with my blood chemistry.
Do mom and dad know
you dropped out?
No, and don't
tell them.
I took time off,
They broke my balls
but it really wasn't so bad.
Of course not.
I mean, you're their pet.
We're Italian, A.J.
You're their son.
Do you have any idea
what that means?
You'll always be
more important.
You're awake.
I made lincoln log
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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