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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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sometimes talked
about some sad shit,
But you seem--
I don't know--
Actually sad.
Not right now I'm not.
Jesus, this is some
pretty fucking amazing dope.
Chris said you two...
took peyote together.
I mean, I haven't done
buttons in a while, though.
You know, I've been thinking
why the fuck I'm here.
You can get
to that place.
No. No, I mean Vegas.
Truth is I always wanted
to try that shit...
but I always had
All the responsibilities.
You're a hard man
to reach.
Nobody's seen hide
nor hair.
Yeah, I'm away.
What do you want?
What do I want?
I'm returning your call.
I think this got nothing
to do with asbestos.
Why don't you let go of the
old shit and be a businessman?
- You got everything you want.
- Not everything.
But listen, allow me
to express my condolences
Regarding your nephew.
This is me hanging up.
- I can tell you're upset.
- Big fucking deal.
- What exactly happened this week?
- Nothing.
You know, people walk around
like this is all something.
They'rfucking laughing
And nobody takes
even one second
To think about
what's really going on.
You sound
depressed again.
How can anybody not be?
You'd have to be fucking nuts
Not to be.
I mean, you'd have to have
your head wedged so far
Up your ass that all
you could see
Is your own stupid face.
What specifically
are you talking about?
I mean, everything
is so fucked up.
Why can't we all
just get along?
You don't have to
chew it.
You just wash it down
like a pill.
It's the same principle
as the solar system.
No more bets.
- 24.
- Yes.
Press it all.
No more bets.
Holy fucking shit.
Much appreciated.
No more bets.
24 again.
- He's dead.
- What?
I get it.
I get it!What's that?
I got a mysterious
Postmarked Las Vegas.
Oh, "baume & mercier."
Oh my God.
This is so beautiful.
I had it engraved.
"You are my life.
Love, t."
They couldn't fit
I believe that.
Thank you.
But I don't know
what it's for.
Well, like I said,
I was sorry
I had to go out
to Vegas when I did.
Once you explained
You had to take care of
Christopher's business interests...
God knows
kelli'll need the money.
The baby.
I'm talking about
delay, right?
Just take care
of that, all right?
John stefano.
You touchin' asbestos?
No, I don't work
with that shit.
It's okay.
Shame about
Chris Moltisanti.
These bozos?
Bunch of 'em polacks.
How come they ain't
wearing their space suits?
That's a union rule.
If I couldn't run this job
without that fucking contract,
Ain't none of us gonna
make any real scratch.
You don't got
an envelope?
You must have seen
fights before.
Your friends beating up
the African kid,
Why do you think that's
been impossible to shake?
They had my back after
all the shit with blanca.
You know, they care
about me.
Did you try to stop
the beating?
I'm one individual.
What could I do?
I know kids on lexapro
who say it's great,
And I still feel
like shit.
I mean, why can't I
catch a fuckin' break?
Your classes,
how are you enjoying those?
English is boring.
And the other one's
kind of interesting,
But it's pretty
The israeli-Palestinian
People blowing each other up
because their God says
They're allowed to live in a
certainatch of fuckin' sand.
Yeah, and other people's gods say
they're supposed to live there.
Maybe I shouldn't
have taken it.
You seem to be taking
it all personally.
These mujahideen assholes,
like in indonesia,
And they, like,
want to kill everybody.
Have you considered writing
about your experience
With the somali boy?
A short story, perhaps?
Why would I do that?
It might help
clarify your feelings.
I was watching cnn...
and this story about these
kids in some iraqi hospital,
How the burn unit doesn't have
the right medicine or something.
And then they show
this story
About some mall
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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