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took the gas pipe
when Eugene was a kid.
His son,
the drugs maybe.
I knew him better
than anybody, but still...
Maybe he was a homo, felt there was
nobody he could talk to about it.
That happens too.
Good thing Tony never heard
about him killing himself, at least.
Got enough on his plate.
The nurse told me
she saw AJ.
She did?
I asked him to bring
Dad's Tony Bennett box set from home.
Yeah, it's been
kind of weird.
Would you call it
growing up Soprano?
I guess.
I don't know.
Come with me.
Hold on there.
What did I tell you?
We were just talking.
Don't talk to them.
Say nothing.
Where are your father's CDs?
- I forgot.
- Oh Jesus God, Anthony.
- Everybody is pitching in here but you.
- Thanks, Mom.
I wish you would go to class if this
is all you're gonna do.
With my father
in the hospital?
Go to the deli on Broad Street.
Get some bagels.
All right? Get enough
for everybody upstairs, an assortment.
And go this way.
Look. Chris just sent
this over.
A little stereo.
Mead, my God,
I'm telling you,
she seems like she's grown up so much.
What she knows.
She will make
a terrific doctor.
I got some CDs
from my car.
Oh yes,
you like this one.
Anthony, Anthony.
Ho, Sheriff
of Nottingham.
My kingdom
for a mortadella, huh?
They make a great sandwich here.
No getting around it.
What about that disease
you picked up over there
in Diarrhea-stan
or wherever the fuck you were?
This might be the cure.
Yeah, we're sorry
to hear about Tony.
I got nothing to say
about what happened so...
That's not why I asked.
How's he doing?
He's fucked up.
You know what I think?
I think you don't come
here for the sandwiches.
I think you come
'cause you miss us.
Hey, I can't blame you.
That job you got now must be depressing.
- How goes the war on terror anyway?
- Working it.
I heard Fieldcrest reported
a truckload of towels missing.
We actually spend a little more of our
time trying to interdict
the financial networks
that fund the terror cells worldwide.
- No shit.
- Truck hijacking, narcotics.
In fact, if you ever heard
of anything going down,
Middle Easterners,
you'd be helping a lot
if you picked up a phone.
- And called you?
- It's your country too, isn't it?
Like I'd know one of these suicide
jerk-offs if he bit me on the the ass.
You knew Matoush Zhia.
Hung out at your girlfriend's club.
He was a drug dealer,
her friend.
I didn't know shit about his politics
till one of your people told me.
Something to keep in mind.
I take that terrorism
shit seriously.
And Tony, don't even
get him started.
This song was playing
in your car
that entire weekend
we all went down
to Long Beach Island.
Remember Artie and Charmaine
broke up for the first time?
First of many.
She accused him of letting
her drown in the ocean. Remember that?
That wave picked her up
and slammed her down
on her head in the sand?
Oh my God,
her around water.
And remember the time that she got
cramps from eating that huge calzone?
You had to go in after her.
She almost dragged
you down by your hair.
Imagine that.
At one time
you had enough hair
that a woman could grab it
with both her hands.
You're going to be fine, Tony.
I know it.
The doctors say
you're going to be fine too.
They are very confident.
They know that you are really strong.
You're strong as a bull.
You know that
that's always gotten to me.
When you used to pick
me up and throw me over your shoulder...
oh my God, Tony.
You used to get me
so hot down there.
I can feel it right now
just thinking about it.
You are going to be
okay, Tony.
Your friends,
your kids all love you.
A long time ago I told you you were
going to go to hell when you died,
when you had that MRI.
And you threw my words back
at me when we got separated.
And you were right.
That was a horrible thing to say.
It's a sin,
and I will be
judged for it.
You're a good father.
You care
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