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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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what they do.
I know you'd rather see him
in his room drinkin' cocoa,
but this is
the way back,
believe me... And the
way back to college...
frat boys.
I did a stupid thing, Ton'.
I won't deny it.
Stupid? Just
hung up with Paulie.
His nephew's got
six broken vertebraes.
I know that,
and I'm sorry.
But this is the second
fuckin' time
Paulie flouted his
authority to my face.
This shit with the tools...  I know he
set up the deal with the cubans,
but this is my father-in-law we're
talkin' about, tony, my family.
In any case, this bullshit could
have been handled with a conversation.
I came to the Bing, remember?
I tried to talk to you about it.
And I told you to wait, and you left
to go God-knows-where.
I got to be honest,
I can't help thinkin' that this goes
directly to what we talked about...
More than once.
If you were around more, you
had your finger on the pulse,
problems like this would
be squashed in the womb.
Whether I'm around's
got nothing to do with it.
He needed the tools, he
could have left me a message.
We're supposed to leave
phone messages
about interstate
hijacking now?
How about faxes?
Make it even easier
for the cops.
This is a face-to-face
business, Christopher.
And yeah, I'm gonna talk to
paulie, 'cause believe me,
there's a few things
that he needs to hear.
But in the meantime, you figure
out how much he owes for the tools,
and we're gonna deduct that
against what you're gonna owe
for little Paulie's
hospital bills.
- Yeah?
- He tore up my lawn, Ton'!
Drove his fuckin' car
right up on the grass.
- Who did?
- Fuckin' Paulie, who else?
40 grand
in landscaping.
Terrorized my wife
and daughter.
Destroyed the bushes,
the grass,
and every fuckin'
flower she plant
- Just relax, okay?
- I am fuckin' relaxed.
I'm not gonna
do nothin'.
Because I love you, because
I'm committed to my work,
I ain't gonna do shit.
I'm gonna sit tight
and hold my tongue,
and not cause
no problems for you.
No, bad was '99. Mets/Braves
national league championship.
My dad went apeshit, man.
He threw a fuckin' vase
right through the tv.
Ho, Victor. What are you
doing at a deek party, bro?
You settlin' up?
Come on, it's friday.
Bills are sunday.
What are we, fuckin' Citibank?
How long we gonna carry your ass?
Buffalo's a lock.
Give me a dime
at two and a half.
If not, my father's sending
my check this week anyway.
Fuck that. If not...
You see this guy right here?
Tony Soprano Jr.
Know what that means,
Monday, bro.
One way or the other.
Don't be
a dick about it.
Is he still sleeping?
He's not home.
He stayed
with his friends.
He sounded good.
They were playing cards.
Well, it's been a week
almost, on the meds.
All I know, is it's a pleasure
not to have him laying around here
like a miserab'.
It's companies like Wal-Mart
we got to thank.
They're always fighting
against tightenin' imports.
So, our provolone,
our perfume,
whooop! slides right
under the fuckin' door.
All those inspections slow
down wal-mart's operation.
And what about terrorism...
Missiles and shit?
There he is...
The missing link.
How you doin'?
I called Sal Vitro
like you said.
He's coming by this week,
resod the lawn.
And I talked to paulie. We
worked out a payment schedule.
He's here?
All right.
Let me say hello.
How you doing, kid?
How's little Paulie?
He's fucked up.
He got your flowers,
- Listen, Paulie...
- Forget it, okay?
Shit happens.
What are you gonna do?
There's no point
in ruminatin'.
You're right.
I just wanted
to say I'm sorry.
Me too.
Do this again, sweetie.
And get him a club soda.
You know what?
Fuck it.
Whatever he's having.
Good times.
- That's fuckin' rocket fuel.
- One more, one more.
- One more.
- Ah yeah...
- What's going on, baby?
- Are you nuts?
When, now?
Who else is there?
Let's do
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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