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they didn't.
Yeah, I guess.
Jason Gervasi called.
What'd you tell him?
I didn't
call him back.
How come?
'Cause I don't
want to go.
Of course not.
Beer, strippers,
fuckin' around with guys
your own age...
You hate all that shit.
You gonna call him?
Said I don't
want to go.
I know you don't
want to go.
You don't want to work,
you don't want to eat,
you don't want to talk either.
So, all that
being the case,
you're gonna shower tomorrow
night, you're gonna shave,
you're gonna get dress,
you're gonna go to that party.
I'm not gonna
debate you on this.
...just how soon before they
attempt to blow this fire out?
They won't try to kill it till
they're ready to cap the well.
- Your boss is your uncle.
- Once removed.
That's gotta add
to the source.
We used to be so tight.
And producing movies
is high-stress enough.
I have a happy marriage.
But there was a woman...
She worked with us
in a club we had.
Anyway, she became
a problem to deal with,
I sided with him.
She was out
of my life.
Okay, fine.
But he never
appreciated it.
Give give give,
it's all I ever do.
I think that's when the relationship
between me and him got poisoned.
How's it going?
Al here?
You just missed him.
He went to lunch.
- Eh.
- Can I help you fellas?
We're here
for the drills.
What drills?
You know,
in the back.
I know what you mean, but Al didn't
say nothing about picking anything up.
This fuckin' guy.
Get him on the phone.
All right.
What's your name?
Me? I'm Mike.
Nice to meet.
Voice mail.
Gimme that.
Yeah, Al,
it's paulie.
Listen, we're here
with mike.
We're gonna take the drills. I'll
call you later about that other order.
What's her name?
Had you and Blanca
been engaged long?
Only a couple
of weeks.
She had a son too,
from when she used
to be married.
What do you think
went wrong?
Her husband was
an asshole, supposedly.
With your relationship?
I don't know.
I mean, I wish there
was a reason, but...
She says there isn't.
I think maybe it's because
we have way more money
in my family than hers.
They're immigrants,
and that might
have scared her.
Have you been feeling
suicidal, Anthony?
A little bit.
Have you ever tried
to kill yourself?
I mean, once,
me and my friends
jumped off my
garage roof,
but you know, that was
just to fool around.
You sleeping a lot?
I'm tired,
but I keep waking up.
I just keep thinking
about her.
I mean,
it hurts, but...
I can't help it.
Does anything in life
give you pleasure lately?
I don't know.
Not really.
There's a medication
called Lexapro.
It's an antidepressant.
I have friends
who take that.
Well, I'm going to
write you a prescription.
I'm making mad
fuckin' money, bro.
I gotta shut
my phone off sometimes.
You should totally
do it, man.
I'm not really good with
betting and percentages.
I got like a 450
on my math SAT.
Fuck that shit, bro. I could
hook you up in like 10 minutes.
Can I dance
for you, baby?
I guess.
Yeah, dude!
Look at this pile
of shit.
Yeah, so get some
toilet paper.
What is that,
Actually, yeah.
Come on,
what are you gonna do?
Fuck it,
I'm all in.
Fuckin' idiot.
Toilet paper?
Fuckin' cunt!
- Fuck!
- Ho, chris!
You were my friend.
Whoa! No!
Oh, fuck!
Call an ambulance!
Tony, wake up.
I need to talk to you.
You let our underage son go
to a party at a strip club?
What time is it?
Take it easy, will you?
What's the big deal?
He just got in
three hours ago.
He is still drunk and
he's not even drinking age!
Yet he could die
in iraq.
What does that
ha to do with anything?
Jesus Christ, Carm, he's
gonna be 21 in two months.
He's an emotional
wreck, tony.
So, seeing a pair of tits is
gonna send him over the edge?
Got him out of the house,
around people his own age.
At the fuckin' Bing?
Well, they're college kids.
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