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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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All things considered,
of course.
Yeah, just like
the old days.
Willie-fuckin'- overall,
after all these years.
You remember drivin' around with that
prick in the trunk lookin' for a spot?
What was it, like a week
before a.j. Was born, right?
No, meadow.
- now she's gonna be a dr.
- yeah.
Remember we took you
to luger's after
me, puss, ralphie.
Chevy chase... Fuck ever
happened to him?
Let me ask you something.
You mentioned ralph before.
A few years ago, he had
that beef with johnny sack,
he made a crack about ginny...
Huge fuckin' mole
on her ass or some shit.
Who the fuck would tell
johnny about that joke?
How should I know?
Nine of clubs.
You know, I try
to be cooperative,
but it's that same
message over and over!
what do you got?
No, you don't.
- uh...
- what?
- george, what do you got?
- hmm?
- your hand.
- he's got alzheimer's!
- help him, for christ's sake!
- pair of jacks.
Guy comes home with a
bouquet of flowers for his wife.
"I guess I'll have to spread
my legs now," she says.
"why?" he asks.
"don't you have a vase?"
high rollers only.
Keep walkin', professor.
I'm not here to gamble.
I'm here looking for keith.
Keith's busy. Take a hike.
We had
a chess match, keith.
The pride of rutgers...
Slits his wrists
in the faculty lounge
after he stabbed
the dean.
At least some of us
know when we need help.
Get the fuck out of here,
ya fuck...
What did the blind man say
when he passed the fish market?
I don't know.
"good morning, ladies."
what's going on, guys?
- they're gambling, warren.
- relax, brian.
What did we
say about this?
It's a friendly game.
Corrado, it's too stressful. Lookt him!
He's not even playin'.
Come on, guys. Let's wrap it up.
I saw your girl today
at pet therapy.
Hodoes she keep
her coat so shiny?
...they can be unexpected,
frightening events.
But they're justutiful
part of the scenery. Park,
- crater lake is located high in the cascades
of south-central oregon, about
250 miles south of portland...
I brought you your tea.
You did a good job tonight,
kid. Here's your taste.
- that's all right.
Take it.
You earned it.
Time once, I was a kid.
You know, my oldan
was a stonemason.
He took me to work...
A job building a wall around
some rich lady's garden.
She mes home.
I help carry her groceries.
She goes to give me
a quarter,
which was a lot in
those days, but I say no.
She goes in. No sooner
does she close the door,
when... Crack! My old man gives
me a belt right across the mouth.
"what are you, a millionaire?
You no need-a money?
You no like-a eat?"
"what are you, a millionaire?
You no need-wow.ney?
Even still, he was right.
He made me
walk home that night.
11 fuckin' miles from
essex fells back to newark.
I'm from essex fells.
- a rich kid, huh?
Uh... Warren said I should
get my buttons back
on account of we weren't
really supposed to be gambling.
Tell warren
he can fuck himself.
Got a problem with that,
tell him to come see me.
Can I get a kit-kat
at least?
Do you believe this guy?
Get the fuck out of here?
Once in third grade...
I got a 96 on my spelling test,
highest mark in the class.
I was so proud.
I brought it home
to show my dad.
"what happened to thother
four points?" he says.
Fuck you!
Fuck... You!
... Uz f.m. Fredericksburg.
Your home
for classic rock.
Paulie, we should stop.
- fuck are we?
- virgin.
You remember that place...
The dive with
the fuckin' massage beds?
It was in culpepper,
- the havenaire.
- ah!
We met those 16-ye-old
hillbilly whores
near the taxi stand.
You want the old days,
let's go there.
We'll get a room, bucket
of ice from the machine,
bottle of scotch,
order up a couple steaks...
Heh heh heh.
Now you're fuckin' talkin'.
Excuse me!
This place, is it new?
I think maybe,
I don't know.
There was a motel
on this spot though, right?
- the
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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