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Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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If I see Chrissy,
I'll tell him you were
looking for him.
Now listen to me, you two heels.
I mean business.
I got too much at stake down here.
You got somthing that belongs to me.
If you wanna get out of here alive,
you better give it back.
Now I'm no blowhard.
Tell him.
He's no blowhard.
He's had people killed before.
- About six years ago,
there was this guy--
- shut up!
You ain't gonna be telling
nobody nothing pretty soon.
This is the image of me
he leaves to the world.
I remember when he was born,
I would hold him in my arms.
He was an adorable kid, too.
Big eyes.
You always talk about him
More like a son.
In some ways he was,
Especially after his dad died.
When he was little,
I used to give him rides.
I'd put him in the basket
of the butcher bike,
Pedal him around,
Back when Satriale's
made deliveries.
I reminded him
of that recently.
- He didn't remember.
- But you do.
We had fun.
All those memories,
and for what?
All I am to him
is some asshole bully.
You're hurt.
His dad Dickie was
Like my me to him.
A mentor.
Yeah, but more than that,
A friend,
A fucking guy
you could look up to.
And the hope is that
you pass that shit down,
The respect and the love.
And all I did
for this fucking kid
And he fucking hates me
so much.
I'm sure on some level
he loves you, too.
Take that home.
Judge for yourself.
Last five minutes should
answer that question.
I'm not going to do that.
- Not a horror fan?
- It's what you think
that matters.
I think he fucking despises me.
It's pretty obvious.
Wants to see me dead.
Without invalidating
your feelings,
Is it possible that
on some level
You're reading into all this?
I'Ve been coming here for years.
I know too much about
the subconscious now.
Look, sweetie,
They're nice and clean
like you like them.
Mommy, he can't really hear you.
They're right here by the bed.
- Johnny: my...
- what, baby, your what?
Want more morphine, daddy?
Mo-- mother.
Grandma? What, daddy?
Is he hallucinating?
I don't know. He could be.
Sometimes they see
people who've passed.
John, look at me, baby.
You want a cigarette, baby?
You can't do that when
you're on my fucking team?
Hey, Ton',
Anthony Infante to see you
Send him in.
There he is.
X-ray specs.
- How's John?
- That's why I'm here, Tony.
John passed away
late this morning.
Oh, fuck,
you're kidding me.
I only wish.
He was a great guy, John.
Sorry for your loss.
Honestly, though,
it was for the best.
What are you gonna do?
"I beat cancer,
but it took him out."
"Ride the painted pony.
Let the spinning wheel fly."
John Sacrimoni,
a buon' anima.
All: a buon' anima.
Phil: we're here to celebrate
what would have been
my brother's--
Your uncle's--
47th birthday.
- Blow it out for him.
- ( Blowing )
( Cheering )
Right here at this bar,
this seat
Was uncle Billy's favorite
place in the whole world.
More than Shea stadium?
More than Shea stadium.
He'd sit with his friends and
tell stories about his family,
Who he loved more than anything
and was so very proud of.
From now on, his ashes
will be right here
So when his friends come
to visit, he can see them.
- Can he see us now?
- Patty: yeah.
- Who knows who is
Leonardo Da Vinci?
- I do.
- Matty.
- Yeah, he wrote
"The Da Vinci Code."
Another man wrote that,
but it's a hideous
sacrilegious book.
- Annabella.
- He was a painter,
Of the "Mona Lisa."
Very good.
He was not only a painter,
he did medical drawings,
- And he designed a tank
for the army.
- Boy: wow.
Leonardo was a great italian,
And that was our name
originally, Leonardo.
But many years ago, when my
grandpa came over from Sicily,
They changed it at
Ellis Island to Leotardo.
What did they do that for?
Because they're stupid,
that's why, and jealous.
They disrespected
a proud italian heritage
And named us
after a ballet costume.
- Marissa.
Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06 Клан Сопрано - Сезоны 01-06

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