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that you knew and did nothing,
you'll be bloody tranklucated!
Get it?
I didn't do nothing!
I pressed the kappa at once!
Fiddler is a witness.
All patrols!
Bring a wheeled deathtrap here!
There's nothing in there.
Open it.
Show me.
It's vinegar.
That's none of your business.
The Patsak will be tranklucated.
The Chatlanian gets ecikh for life...
with nails.
Oh, brothers, brothers!
Fellow Patsaks!
Tell them the truth
about my squats,
about the Chatlanian
pressing the kappa!
Shut up, you bastard!
Uncle Vova, please...
Shut up! Parasite!
You shut up!
Vova, my friend!
Gedevan Alexandrovich!
Don't listen to him!
Tell them it was him!
He was the one
who didn't squat!
Not me!
Tell them, and I'll give
the pepelats to you!
Uncle Vova!
The pepelats is mine!
Quiet! Calm down!
...Let me think.
Yes, I remember now.
Nobody insulted any authority...
We all were squattin'
and squattin', like monkeys.
You see, Your Honour?
I was wrong. Mixed up.
And it was ME who brought
the ketse here. Not them.
What ketse?
The match you took from the cap.
There was no ketse!
There was none!
Uncle Vova,
what's the matter with you?!
What are you saying?!
Sorry, I forgot.
There was no ketse.
Life imprisonment for both
in ecikh WITHOUT nails.
Till bail payment.
The bail is 500 chatls,
250 apiece.
(Wef & Bee: )
Thank you!!
Patsak! Glue the violin
and sing the song!
Fiddler! You work the bandura!
Tam ta da dam...
Friends! That was a joke
with the match!
We just wanted to amuse you!
See you!
(Wef sings: ) On the river,
on the river, on yonder bank...
Mary was koo her beautiful wuu...
(Gedevan's letter: )
"Hello, earthling!"
"I knew, one day your explorations
would carry you to this planet."
"Greetings from
Vladimir Nikolaevich Mashkov..."
"...builder from Moscow..."
"...and Gedevan Alexidze from Batumi."
"We two were the first to set foot
onto this wretched sand..."
"...in this backyard of the Universe."
The glue I have is like water!
Brother Patsak,
gimme more of your ruberoid
to glue this thing.
OK, tell him to give me
something more fot that.
(Gedevan's letter: )
"Maybe at that time..."
"...some people who knew me
are still alive."
"Please tell them, that I didn't
steal a violin..."
There! Good as new!
There's a little bit left.
Yeah, this sort of thing
can happen... sometimes.
Is it nutritious?
Earthlings! You shouldn't
have pressed it like that!
I could hardly find you.
It's good that there is
a dial memory.
Here's your sock back,
thank you.
If you wish, I can return you
to the Earth.
I found out your planet number
in the Tenture.
But hurry!
One second here
is half a year there.
Then I have a proposition...
We transfer to the Earth now,
procure some matches,
shoot back here and sell them,
bail out our friends.
Then we go to Moscow,
and you go home.
I can't do that.
I only have 3 charges.
Well that's OK.
Enough to go there,
here and back again.
And what about me?
Listen, friend...
- No need to listening!
Make up your mind!
Yes or no?
Im counting to three...
One... Two...
Wait a minute.
Try to understand me.
It's my fault they are in prison.
Ha! And my little son
has a beard like this by now!
Two and a half!
Earthling! Last chance!
Two and a half!
I... I can't do this.
Oh! Who needs all this stuff?!
Tsak-schmak! All this crap!
Well never...
Where did you get this from?
It was just laying around,
in the planetarium, on a shelf...
Dear Fiddler!
You kleptomaniac!
It seems like you swiped...
a gravitsapa for us!
Patsaks! Patsaks!
Why are you singing here
on your feet?
Youre allowed to sing on your feet
only over there. Not here.
But the ecilop didnt
let us sing there!
Not my problem. If you sing here,
you may only kneel.
Doesnt matter...
well stand a while.
You've still got to pay us.
Alright, Patsak, come on...
Be good. Behave yourself.
Strangers in
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