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What now?
What do we think about you?
Well? Read our minds.
Penetrate it!
Why are you botherin' us?
Whadyou want?
Have you no shame?
Have YOU?
We are poor, unfortunate,
hungry artists!
Have we done you any wrong?
Why are you stalking us?
Give me your bandura
for a while...
Tune it up...
Like this.
Come on.
One two three.
(singing: )
Mama, mama, what shall I do?
Mama, mama, how will I live?
I have got no warmer winter coat,
I have got no warmer winter vest.
- Wuuuu...
- Shut up! You're tone deaf!
Mama, mama, what shall I do?
Mama, mama, how will I live?
Uncle Vova, let's go again!
They love it...
They can appreciate it.
One two...
Where is our deathtrap?
The pepelats?
Over there...
Were out of lutz.
Because of you, bastards.
Fiddler! What are you doing?
Listen, leave me alone, OK?
My friend,
it's somebody's Last Breath,
a grave...
Youre in a cemetery.
Checkmate, Fiddler!
And you call your level 'advanced'?
He was just bragging!
Its not fair!
You win by reading my brains.
If you really had brains,
you'd be studying in MGIMO,
and not here pissin' everybody off.
Want to play again?
You bet the violin, the case
and the tooth stick...
And this!
OK, Mr Bee!
You bet the bandura, visator...
...and your Life Base, Mr Wef.
Uncle Vova...
You have to twist the tsapa.
The tsapa!
Here, you do it!
I'm not allowed,
I'm a Chatlanian.
Then, sod off!
When it comes to advising,
you're all Chatlanians!
When it comes
to working, though...
Scholar's mate, Mr Bee!
Not fair!
You purposely thought up
bad moves for me!
Use your own brain for the game!
How could he use his own brain?
He's never seen these dolls before!
Not my problem.
Give me my winnings.
Yeah right!
Not on your life!
Wef, have you ever thought
that such a little Patsak could be
such a mercenary kyoo?
I told you Fiddler isn't needed,
and here's the proof.
Done! And you say 'tsapa'...
Is it true nobody sings
in cages on the Earth?
Mr Bee, on the Earth
we cage only animals.
Are animals Chatlanians?
I don't know.
But they look rather similar...
Is Nightingale a Patsak?
Why a Patsak?
You said he sings without a cage.
Well then he's a Patsak.
Ah! So you see, you have
the same unbridled racism
as here on Pluke.
Only Patsaks have taken power
on Earth, not Chatlanians.
Patsaks just like you
and your friend Nightingale!
Let me...
Here. Four gulps.
The water's for the youngster.
You owe us 6042 boxes now.
Fiddler, make a note.
I already have.
Want some?
For free.
What are you doing?
And what about me?
About me?!
About me?!!
Ill give 10 more boxes,
take some water for yourself...
Damned coriander!
A boat!
It's not a boat.
It's a lutz station.
So we can refuel!
No! This one's automatic.
But on the next one, there
must be a woman attendant.
If we perform, she'll give us
a discount, got it?
Stop slacking, uncle Vova.
Come on, come on, my friend,
lets fly... Come on...
If this had once been sea,
why arent there any shells?
Do you still have seas on Earth?
We have seas, and rivers,
and honest people, Mr Wef.
You make me want to cry.
(singing: )
Mama, mama, what shall I do?
(Wuu! Tam ta da dam!)
Mama, mama, how will I live?
I have got no warmer winter coat!
(Wuu! Tam ta da dam!)
I have got no warmer winter vest!
It's a shame my boss
can't see me now...
He'd probably give me a raise.
Keep quiet, Uncle Vova.
The lady is watching us.
They took away the woman
and put in a machine.
Well, buy as much as you can!
We'll fly at least part of the way!
You can't buy lutz in parts.
Lutz is 10 chatls per charge,
and we have only 7.
How far is the Centre?
160 km.
Uncle Vova, Wef has
some more chatls.
In his right shoe.
Hey, Chatlanian!
Do us a favor,
take off your right
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