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worth 1000 roubles, if not more!
How would I ever pay it back?
Fiddler, instead of thinking that
you're the first Georgian cosmonaut
and that you'd get a Nobel Prize,
give back the spoon
you stole from us poor artists.
I wasnt thinking anything
about cosmos or Nobel...
And I'm not a thief...
I wanted to bring it to the
institute of non-ferrous metals,
it may prove something new...
Heavens! The heavens never saw
such a disreputable Patsak
as you, Fiddler.
I am deeply saddened.
Where are you goin?
To the toilet.
Money not allowed in the toilet!
Leave money here...
Gedevan Alexandrovich!
Ketse is very expensive, my friend.
- Why?
- Well now...
...on Earth, how do you determine
who should squat in front of whom
and how many times?
Well, it's a guess-work.
Look man, I like you,
so I'll teach you.
If I have a few ketse,
I have the right
to wear Yellow Pants.
So, Patsaks have to squat
in front of me
not once, but twice.
If I have a lot of ketse,
I have the right to wear
Crimson Pants.
So, Patsaks have to squat in front
of me twice, and Chatlanians have
to koo to me!
And an ecilop may not
beat me up at night!
I have a proposition, my friend.
You give us the match now, and later
we'll bring you Yellow Pants, deal?
Thanks, I already have a pair.
Fiddler maybe needs some...
Hey, Fiddler!
Aliens are peddlin' pants here!
Yellow ones! Need any?
There is no Fiddler, my friend.
I ejected him.
But you needn't worry, V.N.
We have another catapult.
A new one.
That old one
was broken anyway.
- I don't get it...
I pressed the kappa
and he flew away.
Fiddler isn't needed, my friend,
he's just a waste of fuel...
Turn back!
Were out of lutz.
We need to fly
to the lutz station.
Turn back!
Or Ill burn this damned ketse!
Hey, Fiddler!
Where could he have gone?
You've been told.
The ecilops caught him.
Well let's go, my friend.
You bastards!
You've really done it now!
Call the ecilops on the radio!
We have no radio.
We threw it away,
because of annoying Maydays!
Ill be back! I have to check!
Put the tsak on, now!
- Put the tsak on!
- Not on his life!
Your ecilop will have
to do without!
Put it on, or hell tranklucate you!
You and the match!
Hello. Listen, friend...
...we lost a young lad around here,
did you see him?
- Koo!
- What?
Oh! Sorry, I forgot...
They said you picked him up.
I told you Fiddler isn't needed!
But you werent listening!
How will we buy lutz now?
You're a damned bastard,
my friend...
He's worse.
He's just a kyoo.
I have a proposition.
We find Fiddler, and then well go
to the local government...
Get me some sand, my friend...
We tell to your governors
who we are, where we're from...
They'll give us a gravitsapa,
and we'll organize
a mutually beneficial trade...
Pluke to Earth: lots of yellow pants.
Earth to Pluke: as many ketse
as the Plukanians want.
We ALREADY need a gravitsapa
to go to the government!
The governors live on another planet,
my friend.
Uncle Vova! I'm here!
Im here!
Where is my thing...
whats it called...?
Yeah. Where is it?
I have it.
So give it to me!
Right here? Why?
Well, just give it to me, I said!
But theres nobody here...
Hey, that's mine.
Alright, so keep it ready!
Are you asleep?
Cheer up, Fiddler.
If there is a gravitsapa
on Pluke, we'll get it.
It was happening to me
to get scarcer things...
Ah! Quiet...
- Hey! Missy! Wait! Wait!
- Koo?
- Would you give us a lift
to the Centre?
Patsak, stop.
Don't come any closer.
What do you want?
Take us to the Centre!..
3 chatls.
No money!
But we'll work for it!
And what can you do?
Me? I can do everything!
Dont brag! What exactly?
Vladimir Nikolaevich is a
builder site foreman!
He can build you a house!
And what can YOU do?
He can play violin!
I can't!
Bye, Patsaks.
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