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into slippers.
Well, do it!
Then WAIT!
What's the time?
In the morning?
(Mashkov: )
Getting late?
It's quite awkward...
I phoned from the airport,
said I'd be in an hour...
and here we are...
You study music?
(Gedevan: )
No, it's not mine.
Professor Rogozins one.
He gave a concert in my hometown.
After, they forgot to put
the violin on the plane.
A banquet?
No, just a dinner...
Are you from Tbilisi?
(Gedevan: )
No, Batumi.
I thought I'd return the violin,
and still have time to catch the train.
I study in Textile Institute in Ivanovo.
First, I wanted to study in MGIMO,
the institute of international relations,
but they said...
- Koo!
- A man...
- Koo.
- Hello...
- Koo!
- Koo!
It's a capitalist country.
(Two men are singing: )
Koo! Koo! Koo! Wuuuu!!!
Gedevan! Do you speak
any foreign languages?
English. A little French.
Tell them we have no money...
Tell them!
They want to be paid!
(Gedevan - in English: )
Gentlemen, sorry!
We haven't money... now!
- Koo?!
Hello! We are Soviet tourists.
We lost our group.
Pick us up to the nearest city,
and then we'll manage by ourselves...
...Translate, Fiddler.
(Gedevan - in English: )
Do you speak English?
(The stranger: )  Koo?
- Parlez-francais?
- Koo...
Hi! Do you speak English?
...Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
- Koo!
No money. We left passports and
currency with the tour guide.
It just so happened...
We walked away for a moment...
and got lost in the sands.
- Grr... Kyoo.
- Take it. It's warm.
- Koo!
Pardon, what?
- Koo!
- You want my hat? OK.
I'm sorry, it's not mine,
I can't give it away...
(Gedevan: )
There's nothing in there.
(Mashkov: )
Open it.
(Gedevan: )
It's not wine, it's vinegar.
(The stranger: )  Koo!
- Sour, right?
- Kyoo... Weeeh...
Well, friend, so that's settled?
Youll give us a lift?..
Fiddler, hurry up!..
As I said, just to the nearest city!
Once there,
we'll easily find the way!
- Koo!
- The jacket now...
You want it too?
(Mashkov: )
- Bastards!
(Gedevan: )
- Glad I didn't give them the violin.
(Gedevan: )
Looks like they're ashamed!
Ketse! Ketse!!
- What does it mean, 'ketse'?
- Ketse!
He seems to want a match.
- You want a match?
- Ketse!
Here. Its yours.
- Koo!
- The whole box?
- Koo!
Take us away from here,
and we'll give you 'koo'.
Not a single letter,
not a single 'made in' label...
- Koo!
- Sorry, I don't understand...
- Sprechen Sie Turkisch?
- Kyoo!
- Koo.
- What do they want?
KOO they want!
Thank you...
- Tsak!
- He wants me
to put the bell on.
(Mashkov: )
- Not on his life!
- Tsak! Tsak...
- I'll do it, Vladimir Nikolaevich,
if it makes him happy...
Go ahead!
Do what you want.
- Tsak! Tsak... tsak...
- OK, you pushed it enough.
Ding, ding.
- Koo!
- Koo!
I'll just have a cigarette,
if that's all right with you...
- Ketse!!!
- Calm down, calm down!
- Ketse... Woe...
Real ketse!
Vladimir Nikolaevich,
maybe we're really on...
Yeah right!
Theyre typical Martians.
(The tall stranger: )
Lucy darling,
damn you with your... macaroni.
So... You speak Russian do you?
Why was it necessary to conceal it?
Well, we didn't.
It's hard to penetrate your language,
when your thoughts are bilingual.
And this Patsak is always talkin'
in languages, the rest of which
he doesn't know!
Why are you starin' at me,
maimuna verishvilo?!
They speak Georgian too...
What did he say?
Monkey son of a donkey.
We're from the Soviet Union,
here on a cultural exchange.
Our compatriots know
where we are.
They're looking for us.
If you're not going to let us contact
our embassy, you'll be in big trouble,
is that clear?
We don't understand embassy.
Put the tsak back!
You understand macaroni,
you understand maimuna,
yet you dont know...
...what's an embassy?!
Quit messing with us!
Got it?
You thought about
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