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t see how you can do it.
Machines, Gloster!
I've got a whole room full of machines
machines back here.Y'wanna see it?
-Henry, no.
-I've got a whole suite full
of mainframe computers back here.
-They are so beautiful!
-No, Henry.
Oh, you got a minute?
Come on, Gloster!
Listen to them hum.
-Henry, don't try Mr. Hebbing's patience!
- You sure?
OK, then.
-Cole liked to take risks, huh?
-He didn't think they were risks.
He was so good, Roy,
he could just play with the mark.
He was so crooked, he could
eat soup with a corkscrew.
-And when he got serious?
- He'd explain he had to have cash,
so there wouldn't be any paper
trail for the SEC. And a lot of cash,
or it wasn't worth while.
The least we ever took
was US$ 40.000,
and the most was 185.000$,
from one sucker!
I thought these people were broke.
No, no, Roy, just cash poor.
They had savings accounts,
stocks to sell,
houses to mortgage.
Sell their wife's jewelry.
Oh, they had a lot of money,
when they put their minds to it.
Or when I put their minds to it.
And a month later, the sucker calls
the cops and you're on the run.
No no! He never calls the cops,
not after we give him the blow-off.
FBI! Everybody hold
what you've got!
Back off!
It's right here!
You was it!
You and your goddam bigmouth!
Henry, no!
You don't move, backwards,
nobody move!
You stay there! Come with me!
Go, go, go!
They never came back.
We were rolling in dough,
lived wherever we wanted,
only pulled two or three
scams a year.
It was great!
Great! Great!
What happened to Cole?
He retired.
Upstate where?
No, baby. Not again.
It's hollow. I can't move.
Cant' move. Can't move.
It's just the stress again.
We'll take a vacation.
Cole, you scare me
when this happens!
No, no! Turn around!
Cole, please! Please!
That's where they keep
the criminally insane, isn't it?
He retired, and that's it.
But I didn't.
I'm still the best long-con
roper you'll ever see.
-I bet you are, too.
Now you're trying to rope me.
-Join up with you!
-A beautiful woman like you?
You shouldn't eat alone
-Go away.
What d'ya wanna eat alone for?
-Can I have some more coffee?
-Coming up!
-We can have coffee together.
My name's Kenny.
Your pal wants you.
Let'm find his own pretty woman.
-This fellow bothering you, miss?
Why don'y you go back there
and just go sit down?
I'll sit here.
-You all right?
-You didn't need to do that!
I thought I did. You should
take better care of yr friend.
Get outta here!
I'm sorry a lady can't eat in here
without been bothered!
Will never happen again, miss.
See you later.
-Why d'we have to have separate rooms?
Expect your father to come through?
-Separate bathrooms, darling.
I will not lay out all my
cosmetics for you to knock over.
Things a man isn't
supposed to know.
You don't mind, really, d'ya, Roy?
It's been such a wonderful evening,
I guess I just wore myself out.
Sure. I'm pretty tired myself.
Forget the longcon,'cause I'm
the one who's been conned.
Screw this noise!
Open your door!
What for?
Open it, and find out.
I hope you don't mind, sir.
I just washed my clothes,
and I couldn't do a thing
with them.
If you could have seen the look on
yr face when I told you good night!
You looked so...
-Can I come in?
What'r'ya doing in La Jolla?
-Me and Myra came down yesterday,
we're leaving tonight.
-If ya come out to the track, don't know me.
-We won't hit the track.
What's that? -4 grand.
It's for the hospital, is it enough?
-Roy, I don't want yr money.
-I pay my debts.
-Oh, you do?
Expecting somebody?
No. That was the point.
-Where did ya get that?
Take the money back, I don't want it.
I thought...
I was hoping we could play it
straight with one another.
-I guess not.
-I guess you won't be getting
a straight job, either?
-Not this

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