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Worse than that, you take a partner, you
put an apple on your head, and hand
the other guy a shotgun.
Grifters, ah?
You're one, allright. Grifters
got an irresistible urge to be
the guy who's wise.
There's nothing to whipping a fool.
Hell, fools were made to be whipped.
But to take another pro, even your
partner, who knows you
and has his eyes on you,
that's a score.
No matter what happens.
You wanna learn a few tricks? I'll
teach you a few tricks.
-But you hand does not get into my pocket.
-It's a deal.
All right, forget the long con.
If the fool tips, you're caught.
You'll do time. Never do time.
-Don't go dressing like that.
- Showing off. Showing off!
Any blind man can spot you.
Give me 10 dollars.
Come around tomorrow,
I'll take you again.
Well, that's fine.
Two months we know each other,
You're already so bored, you fall
asleep before I get here.
When you're not here, all I can do
is dream about you, Myra.
You stink. I hate you.
The twins seem to be very restless.
Maybe we oughta put them to bed?
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna smother you.
Death, where is thy sting?
You smell good, Myra.
Like a bitch in a hothouse.
Darling! What a beautiful thing
to say!
Maybe you don't smell so good.
-I do, too. You just said so.
It could be your clothes.
It's me.
Do I have to prove it?
- Naturally.
Sims here, Mr. Dillon.
Sure, Mr. Sims. What can I
do for you?
A visitor, Mr. Dillon.
A very attractive young lady.
She says she's your mother.
Send her up.
Come on in, Lilly.
Hi, Lilly.
Long time no see you.
Eight years.
I'm just making some coffee. You
want some? Just instant.
It'd be nice.
Here we are. Come on,
sit down, Lilly.
So, what are we up to these days?
Still handling playback money at
the track.
I'll be going back to Baltimore as soon
as the races at La Jolla are finished.
-So you're working for that same bookmaker?
An easy life?
Got a great view, Roy.
I guess you've been getting my
Christmas cards.
-You always did have a sense of humor.
-Glad to see ya, Lilly.
I'd have been hurt if you hadn't
drop by.
I'm glad to see you too, Roy.
Though I'm not sure what
you're up to.
Up to? I'm not up to anything, Lilly.
-Come on, Roy, you can't kid me.
You got so much more in the ball
than I ever did. Do you know
what it does to a person...
- Lilly, I want you to mind
your own goddam business!
Roy, what is it?
It's no sweat.
-God, you're ice cold.
-Don't laugh at me.
-Laugh? I'm not laughing at you, honey.
-Did somebody hurt you, Roy?
-Got hit in the stomach a couple of days ago
-Let me see!
-Oh, no.
Dr. Mittchel?
It's Lilly Dillon, doctor.
I work for Justus Amusement Company
out of Baltimore.
Don't you brush me off, buster.
If I have to have Bobo Justus
call you...
Mrs. Dillon, I am sorry about our
little disagreement on the phone.
I'm really sorry. About
your son...
It's hard to believe this strapping
young man is your son.
- Never mind that. Just take care of him.
- Yeah, but he's had...
He's had an internal hemorrage.
He's bleeding to death.
Well, make it stop.
His blood pressure is under 100.
I don't think he's gonna make it to the...
You know who I work for?
-There's just not much I can do.
My son's gonna be allright.
If not, I'll have you killed.
No, really?
You're Roy's mother?
That's impossible!
-Not quite.
But, I'm not sure who you are, Mrs...
Langtry, was it?
I'm Roy's friend.
Yes, I imagine you're lots of
people's friend.
Oh, oh, of course. Now that I see
you in the light,
you're pretty old enough
to be Roy's mother.
-Aren't we all?
-Play nice. Don't fight.
You're gonna be allright.
What am I doing here?
You were bleeding inside, honey.
Remember that bruise you had?
You called the doctor, ha?
- Well, no Roy. Your mother did.
- How long do they say till I can get outta here?
- Roy, your mom saved your life.

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