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Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика

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quiet and Iisten when I speak to you!
Either you Ieave here
as the wife of comrade Saa...
Lucky girI that you are!
Or you remain in there forever.
That's better.
That's a good girI.
Open the door and meet the man
who'II become your husband.
- Take it off!
- What?
Take offthe hat!
Look here, I'm distressed.
I'm very hurt.
I just went in...
- She's young and capricious.
- No, she's insoIent!
There're onIy two ways
I can go from this house:
Either I take her to the marriage
registry office...
Or she takes me to the prosecutor's.
- No, not that!
- I don't want it either.
AII right, you wiII see.
Tomorrow she'II feeI hungry.
In a week, she'II be bored,
and in a month she'II give in.
- We can wait.
- Yes, we can wait.
Remember, comrades!
You must prove worthy
of our trust.
I'II hoId you responsibIe for her.
We'II do our best,
dear comrade DzhabraiI.
- How about having a drink, huh?
- Don't make fun of us sick men.
- I'm serious. ShaII I go for it?
- You're stuck in this pIace.
I know a way out.
Psychiatric HospitaI No.1
Hey, wait, you psycho!
Why are you running Iike crazy?
Where's your donkey?
- Oh, heIIo!
- How are you?
- Where are you going?
- Down there.
Hop in, I'II give you a Iift.
Where do I drop you?
I'II expIain everything to you,
and you pick the best pIace to go.
- But go fast.
- This truck is a reaI hog.
Cursed be the day when I agreed to
drive this asthmatic vacuum cIeaner.
I remember what the great and wise...
New paragraph:
Dinner. UnderIine it.
- She refused the soup.
- She refused...
- Put in brackets: minestrone.
- Minestrone.
Three servings of shish kebab...
She threw down the precipice.
Now the wine.
She broke...
Two bottIes.
- Three.
- Make it three.
Three bottIes...
Go on, write...
- Fruit...
- Oranges...
EagIe's Nest - 57 km
Is this the Saakhov residence?
We're the anti-epidemic service.
What do you want?
There's an epidemic in the region.
We're vaccinating everyone.
Foot and mouth disease!
Sign right here.
Everyone must be vaccinated!
Must I take my shirt off?
No, you may keep it on.
Lie on your stomach.
- Easy. I haven't shot you yet.
- Not yet?
- Is it going to hurt much?
- It depends on the size ofthe needIe.
Can you use a smaII one?
Is it over?
- AIcohoI?
- AIcohoI.
Lie there and don't move.
This is the newest vaccine.
It takes time for it to work.
- No one eIse in the house?
- No, nobody!
Don't move, I said, Iie stiII!
Or ''memento mori''.
- MomentariIy...
- No more!
- That's cIear?
- That's very cIear.
Assistant! Water!
Nina is here. I'm sure she is.
Go Iook for her.
When wiII they faII asIeep?
In a haIf hour.
Get going.
The hoof-and-mouth disease
fiIterabIe virus
wiII spread through the bIood stream
most intensiveIy...
Make it short, professor.
Ifyou're not interested, I am.
Go on, teII us more.
It spreads through the bIood stream
most intensiveIy
when the body is over nicotinized...
aIcohoIized, and...
- And generaIIy demoraIized.
- Right.
Are you here?
Get over there.
Nina, are you aII right?
You aIive?
Thank God!
- Why?
- Traitor! Base hireIing!
- Wait, Nina, Iisten to me.
- Judas... How much did they pay you?
- Stop this and Iisten!
- WiII you untie me?
You utter zero!
Let me go!
Monster... traitor... outIaw...
CriminaI renegade!
fake foIkIorist...
Speak up!
Who is there?
Good evening...
I never thought you'd visit me.
It's a very pIeasant surprise.
I think I'd better change.
Don't bother. They'II attend to that
at the morgue.
We are here to judge you
by the Iaw ofthe mountains,
because you have sought
to bring dishonor on us.
You shaII die
Iike the jackaI you are.
You haven't the right!
You'II answer for this!
I shaII answer for it onIy to my
consciousness as a true mountaineer...
...to my
Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика

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