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Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика

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soon the heat ofthe sun
burnt his wings,
and he dropped down to the bottom
of a very deep canyon.
So my toast is
that no one of us,
no matter how high you get,
ever fIy too far
from the rest ofthe coIIective.
- What's wrong with him?
- What's wrong?
So sorry for the bird!
The princess was so angered
that she hanged herseIf,
because he had counted the exact
totaI of grains in the sack,
the exact sum of drops in the sea,
and the totaI of stars gIeaming.
So I propose a toast to cybernetics!
Have one, pIease.
For you!
Wedding PaIace
Dear friends!
Today is a great and joyous day...
a beautifuI day.
In just a few seconds,
these siIver shears
wiII cut this red
siIken ribbon
and, thus, open to aII the newIyweds
of our region
the road to the radiant future,
the road to happiness, to Iove, to
accord, through our Wedding PaIace.
To inaugurate the paIace then...
we agreed among ourseIves...
that the honor of inaugurating
our paIace
wouId be conferred upon
a fine girI
who represents...
a new generation of mountainous
She is a student...
a KomsomoI member... an athIete...
And with aII this,
she's just a beauty.
You see what I meant by a smaII,
but important favor. WouId you...
And to quote our wonderfuI satirist,
Arkady Raikin,
a woman is a friend of man.
Just a minute...
Just one minute...
WouId you speak a bit more sIowIy.
I'm taking this down.
Who is he?
- Must be a reporter.
- Ah, a reporter!
AII right, to quote Arkady Raikin,
a woman is a friend of man.
Hooray for you!
We must drink a toast to girIs...
Give that back! Give me back
my horn, I teII you!
That's my horn!
He was the cause ofthe faiIure of
the Wedding PaIace ceremony.
Then, upon the ruins ofthe chapeI...
Excuse me...
Did I destroy the chapeI too?
No, that was done in the 14th century.
As I was saying, upon the ruins of
the chapeI...
This is aII quite right.
Yes, it's aII exact.
Everything is put down correctIy.
It's perfect, very good.
But it's onIy one side ofthe case.
And what's the other side?
This feIon is not a feIon,
he's a great man of science,
he's an inteIIectuaI.
He has come to visit us.
He's gathering stories...
Iegends, you know... toasts.
- Toasts?
- Yes, toasts.
I guess he overestimated
his potentiaI, right?
What we have here
is an on-the-job accident.
I've got
a magnificent toast.
You have a very wrong idea
about our region.
Everybody knows the Kuzbass is...
Kuzbass is the forge
ofthe Soviet Union, right?
Kuban is our granary...
- And Caucasus is... what?
- Our sanatorium!
Caucasus is the forge, the granary
and the sanatorium ofthe Soviet Union.
My dear friend, where did you
Last night I remembered a spIendid
oId toast. Come aIong.
Wait. I must speak to Shurik.
Why don't you put down your toast,
and make three copies of it,
and present it in writing.
I'II do it!
It's my dream to record
some ancient ceremony.
It wouId be great
if I couId take part in it.
Listen, where can we find it...
Look around at what's going on.
No, in our region, the oId ways
and traditions are dead.
Perhaps high up in the mountains,
you might find something
for your science,
but not down here.
- Then I'II go up there.
- Right. It's yourjob, isn't it?
You've come here
to record fairy taIes,
and we are working here
to make fairy taIes reaI.
I've brought the toast.
FeeIing bad, eh?
- Who gave you permission?
- You toId me to bring three copies.
Life is grand, isn't it?
- And the grand Iife is even better!
- You're right!
Administrator of RegionaI Economy
B.G. Saakhov
Aren't you ashamed ofyourseIf?
You'd cheat a poor orphan?
She got nobody but her uncIe and aunt.
Twenty five.
I respect your niece,
but there're Iimits to everything.
- Eighteen.
- Have you got no shame?
After aII, you're getting not a goat,
but a wife, and what a wife!
A student, a KomsomoI member,
an athIete, a beauty...
Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика

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