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l don't need
your dead stones!
Give me my live Danilushka back!
You don't have the right
to take another's fiance!
Do you know whom you're speaking to?
l am not blind, l know who you are.
And l'm not afraid of you,
you who stole my man.
Not at all!
Whatever magic you nay have here,
Danila wants to come back to me.
Then try and find
your Danilushka.
You will stay here forever
as my craftsman.
You have great power.
But love is stronger than you.
l shall leave anyway!
Try to.
l'll never marry you.
l love you, Danilushka.
Don't you like me at all?
l can't say anything bad about you.
Only Katya is
dearer to my heart.
Katya has long forgotten you.
l'll never believe it.
So that's what you're like?
- Katenka!
- Danilushka!
Good for you, Danilushka!
You refused to trade your Katya
for the stone girl.
You didn't hanker for my treasures.
l was just testing you.
Take your craftsman, Katerina.
For your loyalty,
here's my present to you.
This is my favorite box.
And you, Danilushka,
for your firmness,
you will never lose your knowledge
that you have learned here.
Forgive me for being rude to you.
What can a stone girl feel?
But do not tell anybody, Danila,
where you have been.
And do not tell people
about my treasures.
No one is to get them
until the time comes.
Go now.
And Danila and Katerina
began living in their little house.
People say they lived happily,
in good harmony.
Danila became known far and wide
as the greatest stone-carver.
No one could make such
beautiful things as he did.
This tale is not so simple.
You have to use your brains
to see what it's all about.
And now run home, it's time
to go to bed.
Your mother may scold you,
the sharp-eyed, for coming so late.
No, granddad, l asked her permission.
Oh, you the sharp kid.
When l grow up, granddad,
l'm going to learn the craft,
just like Danila.
You're little but smart!
You got the tale right.
The most powerful thing is one's skill
and human thought.
lt's them that lead man in life.
The End

- Donggam
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