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Каменный цветок

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l'll be waiting for you, Danilushka.
Father and mother.
Give your blessing to the young
prince and the young princess.
Come, Danilushka, to Serpent
Hill, l'll show you the Stone Flower.
You've come after all.
Did you break the vase
made after Katya's flower?
l did.
Show me your Stone Flower.
lt's easy to show it to you.
But afterwards you will regret it.
You won't let me leave the mountain?
Why not let?
The road is open.
You won't wish to leave yourself.
Show it to me all the same.
And what about your bride, Katerina?
There is no life for me without
seeing the flower.
lf so, let's go,
Look, Danila,
these are all my treasures.
Let's go on.
This is my most
precious place.
Let's sit down here and have a talk.
Perhaps, we'll come to agreement.
Have you seen my dowry?
What do you say now
about our marriage?
lt's not what l came here for.
Show me the Stone Flower.
lf l show it to you, will you love me?
l can't. I’ve promised
to another girl.
ls that so?
Let's go then, Danila-Craftsman.
Now l'm going to make a vase
the like of which no one has ever seen.
So Katya remained unmarried.
She'd never been a wife,
but became a widow.
Danilushka is alive!
Has he gone to her?
l'll never find them now.
ls there any word
from Danilushka?
Oh, l feel, daughter...
l feel something bad has happened.
A drowned man was washed ashore.
The raftsmen buried him.
They say
it's our Danilushka.
lt's just gossip, some nonsense.
l asked everybody, but nobody saw it.
l'll come and live with you, father.
l'll be taking care of you.
Why, daughter?
What about your own father and mother?
You're no stranger to me, either.
You're my Danila's foster father.
Thank you, Katenka.
You didn't forget me, the old man.
My eyes can't see the difference
between stones anymore.
Why don't you teach me some
simple things about your craft?
No! lt's not fitting for a girl
to work with malachite!
I’ve never heard of such thing.
Look, they're here again.
Enticing you with songs.
Why don't you go with them?
Why should l go?
Are you waiting for Danila?
Whom else?
The man has been long gone,
and she's waiting for him.
No one has seen him dead.
To me, he'll always be alive.
No joy from this work.
People will never see it.
Ready, father.
Look at you so deft.
Carve another brooch.
And l'll lie down and have a rest.
l wish Danilushka could see
a new master working here.
Who sits in his and Prokopyich
place now.
Get up, father,
the cakes are ready
Get up, father.
l feel sick, Katya.
l'll go to grandma Vikhorikha
for some herbs.
lt looks like l'll die soon.
No, father!
How are you going to live then?
Now you'll have...
to marry not for love.
Danilushka will come back.
No, Katenka.
He won't come.
Only you, Danilushka,
understand the beauty of my stones.
Your work makes me happy.
I’ve finished the vase.
Let me go.
l will never forget your kindness.
Are you thinking of your Katya again?
l'm thinking of her day and night.
You will never see your Katya!
Do you need malachite brooches?
Don't you see l got
plenty of that stuff?
You took up a man's profession,
didn't you?
Well, show me what you got.
Where did you steal it?
What right do you have to say such
things about a person you don't know?
Look, if you're not blind!
Where could l steal so many
brooches with the same pattern?
lt's a rare pattern.
Here's the money, beautiful.
lf you make more, bring them to me,
l'll take them unfailingly.
So much money he's paid me!
And said he'd be taking them
lt's just what l was thinking about!
l'll cut it and make
so many brooches from it!
Maybe Danilushka
sent it to me?
Wind, tempestuous wind,
Come and blow hard,
Carry all my love
To Danila, my sweetheart...
Why did you come to my woods?
What do you want?
Are you looking for good stones?
Take any you like
and go
Каменный цветок Каменный цветок

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