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Каменный цветок

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Yes, me.
Are you now carving a vase
for the mistress?
- Yes, l am.
- How about something for me?
l won't forget about you.
- Won't you?
- l won't.
Will you come
to the dam on Sunday?
To listen to robins singing?
To see the sunset off
and greet the sunrise?
Bring the flower safe and sound.
l will.
Oh, Danilushka,
you're working yourself to death.
That vase won't give me any peace.
Why are you trying so hard?
l want to make it so
that l could see the full
power of stone myself
and show it to people.
Who will be able to see it
in the master's mansion?
Only the masters themselves and
their servants, that's all.
The stone lives a long life.
lf those who live now don't see,
those who come later will.
You're looking
too far ahead, boy.
lt's more fun this way.
Man will blossom for a while,
and then will wither.
But his thought may live
for good in the thing he's made.
Oh, Danila, you're trying to be
too clever.
Watch out, or your bride
will marry someone else.
She won't.
She's like me.
She likes to listen to robins.
And loves to watch the dawns.
My dear flower...
...my beautifully patterned flower.
Just look at him,
he didn't even put out the candle.
The boy spares nothing.
But he's a real artist.
A good cut above us.
Doing honor to our whole region.
Oh, you green, green grass of mine,
Oh, you leafy green groves of mine...
Just look what he's cut out.
What a fine work.
I’ve been pottering about with stone
for 40 years now,
having carved about a hundred
vases of all sorts.
But I’ve never made something like
that, nor have l seen others make it.
- You can find no fault with it.
- Good boy, Danila!
He's got a great eye
and a hand that makes no mistake.
lf you go on working like this,
we'll never catch up with you.
- What do you say, granddad?
- l say the same.
This is a thing of high workmanship.
Please, dear guests, come to the table.
The pie is ready.
Please, come.
How did you manage it, Danila,
to make such a fine carving
and never break the stone?
That's why you haven't
showed up the whole summer.
lt seems you have forgotten me.
Forgotten you?
Don't you see?
lt's your flower that l was carving.
Right, it is my flower!
Danilushka, it means
you've remembered me day and night?
And l thought you've forgotten.
l did remember, Katenka, l did!
But the flower isn't quite what
it should be.
Katya, Danila, come to the table!
To the completed work!
May he work as well in the future.
- Help him God!
- To Danila-Craftsman!
Get a load of us! There're not only
founders and rollers at the factory.
Stone-carvers are not extinct yet.
Where else can you find such masters?
The flower looks like it's alive.
That's it, it only looks like alive,
but there's no living beauty in it.
The stone is just stone.
You can't make it live.
And l dream of making it
better than a living thing.
To gather all the beauty
of a living flower
and show it in the stone.
So that it should never wither.
Oh, son,
don't even think that way.
Otherwise you could end up a worker
of the Mistress of Copper Mountain.
What worker?
The workers
that live in her mountain.
They understand the beauty
of the stone
because they've seen the Stone Flower.
The Stone Flower?
What is it like?
l don't know, son.
lt's not for us to ever see it.
One who sees it will forget
all about the earthly life.
l would like to see it.
Come on, Danilushka,
are you tired of the earthly life?
You're telling tall tales, granddad.
Don't try to lead the boy astray.
He's getting ideas as it is,
and here you talk some gibberish.
There's no Stone Flower.
There ls the Stone Flower!
There is!
l looked for it myself when young,
but they'd clipped my wings.
The granddad is getting senile.
Start a song, Ignat Savelyich,
you're so good at it.
lt's not for nothing that your Katya
is called a songstress at the factory.
Like father
Каменный цветок Каменный цветок

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