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Калина красная

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That's it.
Then don't say anything. Pour it in.
What shall we drink with? Ah, here's the scoop.
Is this the one I scalded you from?
Sure, there's no other.
Look at this beauty. Ready to be a mother.
I heard last night when you came back.
But I thought it was my Kolya, back again.
What Kolya?
- My husband.
Does he come back?
- You bet!
And you?
- I lock myself in the room.
He hasn't once come back sober,
and I can't stand him when he's drunk.
He becomes a complete idiot.
Cows... They feel good here, huh?
You know, of all my childhood I only
remember my mother and a cow.
The cow's name was Raika.
One spring we let her go outside to feed on grass.
You know, then the snow melts, some
patches of hay show up on the roads.
So we let her out.
And someone stabbed her in the belly with a pitchfork.
She must have eaten someone else's hay.
Came back home with her bowels dragging after her.
What are you looking at?
Egor, darling...
Don't, Luba, these are only words.
Words are worthless.
Did you just make it all up?
No, I did not.
But you should not listen to people.
Or listen, but don't take it to heart.
You're very trusting. Did anbody ever lie to you?
No. Who would lie to me?
There's our chairman walking.
He was visiting our house.
Why did you get so excited?
He's a good man, looks after things well.
Now they'll start agitating me to work.
Go ahead.
I can lift the bulls' tails, since I am so suave myself.
Where are you from?
I'm local, from the same district,
a village called Listvyanka.
There is no such village. I know my area.
Funny, where would it be?
There was a village Listvyanka, I remember well.
It must have burnt.
- Possibly.
Too bad, the village was good.
Here, Lilia Viktorovna, I found you a driver.
He's from our area, called Ivan Taratorkin,
from the village Listvyanka.
Egor Prokudin, thief and repeated offender.
Latest nickname: Grief.
Lady Hamilton, from the district prosecutor's office.
Are you going directly to the meeting?
I'll find my way.
Okay, I'll just stop to change and pass by the apiary.
The car is all yours.
Go ahead. But watch out.
Weren't you surprised that I talked to you like this?
Like what?
Stupid, offhand.
I don't mind. So why did you talk like this?
Your chairman started to pick on my
I can't stand it. What's the point?
Take you, you're from the prosecution,
I am a son of a prosecutor.
And what? Am I supposed to shout about it
on every corner?
Does it make us intelligent people?
Am I right?
Yes, especially when wearing suede boots.
What about suede boots?
Intelligent people in suede boots usually
hold their tongue.
Really. Otherwise they're ordinary boors.
I got it. I shut up.
By the way, you could invite me
for a cup of tea with honey.
You'll get by.
Why did you bring me the investigator?
Who did you bring?
Is she really an investigator?
Who would have thought?
After you, madam.
Allow me to present you, as a worker
of criminal law...
Stop grimacing. You're disgusting to look at.
For your information,
I really am a repeat offender and a thief.
Come often, I'll treat you with tea.
Are you also in suede?
Come on, wave to auntie.
'I will execute the mosquito.
And so his head rolled out into the street,
beyond, beyond, beyond the new gates.'
Many things have changed,
since the Russian peasant
together with the worker
overthrew the king's power.
The life of people have changed,
their songs changed too.
People began to compose new songs.
Hear is the song of Aedonitski called 'Russian Lands.'
Brought them?
- Yes.
Now wait.
Take a look, it's our team.
Then there will be a meeting.
So it's up to ...
Can you drive?
- Yes, why?
Then go by yourself. I can't do it anymore.
What, are you sick?
- I can't drive anymore.
I understand that I'm irresponsible, backwards and
a poor recidivist.
There's nothing I can do with myself.
I can't get rid
Калина красная Калина красная

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