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Калина красная

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he wanted to maintain the
temperature balance.
I'll show you some balance!
What if it was really boiling?
I tested with my finger.
A finger! What do they make people like you with?
Enough, Peter, he did not do it on purpose.
Go home, people are really gathering.
Then you don't sit around either.
What a mistake! How come I did not understand him?
Old man, keep pouring, Everyone, eat well.
Luba, keep serving your guest.
This is our Pavel. And this is Vanya.
At first, they fought together,
then Pavel was wounded.
He got better and went to fight again,
and then he got killed.
Vanya was killed in Berlin.
I really pity Vanya.
He was so cheerful,
took me anywhere with him.
I was small, but I remember him so clearly.
I sometimes see him in my dreams, he's laughing.
Not smiling on this one, though.
Do you recognize him? It's our Peter!
See how stern he looked. But he was only 18 then.
He was captured and our troops freed him.
In captivity he was beaten really bad.
But later, not a wound, not a scratch.
I did wound him today.
Like a devil pushed my hand.
Egor, you sure you did not mean it?
How can you, Luba, don't you believe me?
I believe you.
What, Zhora?
Peter, sorry for that shower. I really did not mean it.
Forget it.
Friend, wait a minute!
Go back to bed!
Why is that?
Because. Go to sleep.
I can't sleep.
Then lie down quietly, think about the future.
I wanted to talk. Ask you two questions.
Talk tomorrow. What questions can you have
at midnight?
Just one question.
Luba, get something! Take the pan!
I have a pestle under my pillow.
Circular defense, well-organized.
Tiptoed, like a cat.
Thought no one can hear. I hear and see everything.
The hubby is sleeping, nothing matters to him.
Who's sleeping?
Free, but with a card.
That's what you get for wanting a holiday.
And the moon is rabid like a bitch!
Stop grunting!
I have to go for a while, Luba.
Then why are you giving me this look?
What look?
You don't trust me.
Do what you decided, Egor.
Why are asking, trust you or not,
it won't stop you.
I'd like to be a kind person, Luba,
I'd like not to lie.
I've lied my whole life.
I have to be evil and cruel,
but I pity the people.
One can't live like this.
Can't live like this!
I don't know what to do with this confounded life!
Should I get done with it?
But I'd like the end to be more fun, with music.
And to think about nothing in the end.
I'll tell you the truth now: I don't know if I will return.
I might come back, and I might not come back.
Thank you for the truth, Egor.
You are good, Luba.
Well. Let's do like this.
I'll stay alone and ask myself - what to do?
Do what you can, what you want.
I don't blame you for anything.
But if you leave I'll be sad. Very sad.
I don't want to cry.
I won't say one bad word.
Give me your hand.
Luba, I'm telling you, live alone.
You'll find someone decent.
What if this one starts stealing?
What then?
If he goes back to stealing, then what?
He'll go to jail then.
You lost your mind!
I don't know, really, did I lose my mind?
I can't stand myself.
Soul hurts --
I do not know what to do.
Like I know him for a hundred years. Well, we wrote
to each other for a year.
There nothing else to do there, so they begin to write.
If you only knew what letters he wrote! So clever!
About love?
Not really, more about life.
He's seen a lot, what a devil.
So I don't know: either I love him, or I pity him.
Where is he now?
Let's see what we have here.
Let's show what we can do!
'If you have no privileges, drunkard,
you only have yourself to blame.'
What do you care?
Sweetest, why don't we both get happy?
What are you looking at? I have money.
Citizen. Behave yourself!
If you are transfering money - then transfer.
Always so formal. 'Citizen.'
What citizen I am to you?
I am your comrade, and even a friend and a brother!
Keep working.
Making eyes, that's what you know
Калина красная Калина красная

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