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Калина красная

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all... transparent.
Remember how Vasya Belov came back from a resort:
'Lots of experience, but no more money.'
I found something from my former husband.
What do you mean?
My former husband's.
What's wrong?
Luba, I am not a beggar to wear somebody else's
I have money, just need to go to a store and buy.
Where can you buy it now, shops are closed.
Nothing wrong with it, I washed it.
Take it. It's not from a dead man.
Jeez, you know how to put things.
Here's a towel.
How low can you go? I'm beginning to get interested.
I'll sing you a song:
'In that garden in the valley...'
Go, go, go!
One thing: our Peter is not very welcoming.
Don't mind him, he's like this with everyone.
Oh yeah, our Peter is like a wooden log.
Are crewcuts accepted?
Everyone's accepted.
Now, maybe let's kiss.
Georgiy means Zhora.
Not Zhora but George.
Today all day I'm like a clown in a circus.
What, did I cross your way?
Is it so hard to shake hands?
Come on, here's the hand.
Thank you, I don't need it.
Look at him, so uptight.
Why are you sitting around?
Keep washing. I'll go last.
I come from prison. After you, don't bother.
There you are, Zhora. Can't fall any lower.
Like a poor relative.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you lying around?
I am an orphan.
So what? Are you coming or not?
I have an exemption card!
Tomorrow, I'll go and get the same passport as yours.
Same, except for a small remark that
nobody will ever look at.
I'm gonna grab you, shove you into a tub and
put it on the stove.
Without a passport, with the card alone.
That's more like it. I thought you needed to see my
Why did you bring him to the tea shop?
What for? Now the whole village knows that
Luba has a prisoner visitor.
Someone at work asked me, I could not believe my ears.
You tell him Luba:
'If you came just to rest,
to fatten up and to go back to your banditisim,
then just leave!'
Tell him: 'Don't compromise me in front of other people.'
He probably has a family?
Evidently. How can it be that a person has no family?
He's not a boy of seventeen.
Are you using your head at all?
Luba, tell him:
'If you're up to something bad, pack up and off you go.'
He has nothing to pack. Why are you attacking Luba?
What can she say now?
Who knows what kind of person he'll turn out?
How can she speak for him now?
Don't you scare me, I'm already scared.
That's what I'm telling you.
Listen, Luba.
Tell him:
'My good man, go find yourself a place
to spend the night.'
In the village committee.
You're crazy.
Invited a man and send him to sleep in
the village committee.
Like some barbarians.
Let the police examine him tomorrow.
What's there to examine, he's all inside out.
I may not know him well, but it seems he's a good man.
I see it in his eyes.
I noticed on his photograph long ago:
his eyes are sad.
I don't know, you can laugh at me.
I feel sorry for him.
Maybe I am a fool.
Oh, mama, save me. Boiled me alive!
Do I have to go to jail again?
Boiled me alive, motherfucker!
What a scoundrel!
Murder! Murder!
What 's the fuss?
Peter, what's wrong?
That orphan, I asked him for a dipper of hot water,
and he scorched me!
I was wondering, why would you ask for such hot water.
I tested with my finger, it was boiling.
I decided he must be used to it,
or his skin is thick.
I did not know I had to pour it on the stones, Peter.
What are you, a baby?
I thought you wanted to rinse off.
I did not wash, what's there to rinse?
Enough, get out.
Bring me some undies.
Let me see.
Boiled alive!
Nothing bad. Put some oil on it.
Zoya, bring some oil.
Shall I pour some cold water?
What are you, nuts?
Let's go. People are gathering.
Hey, where are you going?
Does it hurt, Peter?
Go to hell.
Almost drowned.
What happened, Egor?
Well, you see, he's put so much wood there
was nothing to breathe with.
And asked me to add hot water.
I thought
Калина красная Калина красная

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