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Калина красная

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So what accident that was, you say?
Aimed at the head and got into the forehead?
Seven people were stabbed to death.
The eighth one fled.
Seven ...
- Seven.
Piled them in the sack and dropped them in the water.
But the eighth one reported.
Heavens! Fedya ...
Sit down.
One fool is blabbering, the other one believes everything.
Watch what you say!
There are elderly people here.
And why are you, elderly people,
making a bandit out of me?
She told you, I am an accountant.
But you are picking on me.
Well, I was in prison.
There are not only murderers there.
Who called you a murderer?
But watch your tongue and don't exaggerate.
An accountant!
I've seen some accountants in my life.
They are all quiet and shy.
An accountant has a feeble voice, he wears glasses.
Then I noticed they all have upturned noses
and they watch ballet on television.
What kind of accountant are you?
You can wack piglets with your forehead.
You can tell Luba you're an accountant.
She'll buy it.
From the moment you came in, I could tell.
This guy either got into a fight,
or stole a truckful of logs.
You oughta work in the police, daddy.
They wouldn't let you go.
Were you in Kolchak's white troops, huh?
Or in counter-intelligence? Speak up.
Did you execute anyone?
What are you talking about?
And why are we so shy all of a sudden?
I'm just asking. Why so shy?
Look me in the eyes! In the eyes!
In hard times, did you steal grain from the
collective fields?
Where's he getting at?
Where am I getting...
Why are you so lost?
In the eyes, look me in the eyes!
Okay, to put it in another words,
in a family manner.
Do you frequently speak at collective
farm meetings?
Where are you getting at?
What a mess! Now what's going to happen?
Look how you have it all worked out.
The country produces electricity,
locomotives, millions of tons of iron.
People strain their utmost powers.
They fall from their feet with fatigue,
they stutter from stress.
They get covered with wrinkles at the north pole.
They are forced to get golden teeth inserted.
How else can it be?
And at the same time, there are people
who from all human inventions
have chosen the oven!
Very well! Better to sit around in a warm place
then to strain together with others.
He's slaving away from childhood,
farming from when he was ten!
Comments later.
We are all very kind when it does not touch
our own interests.
I am an old record-holder!
I have eighteen diplomas!
Then why don't you speak up?
How can I speak up? You don't let me say a word.
Where are the diplomas?
Where are they?
I want to take a look.
Over there.
Where - 'there'?
In the locker. Piled up neatly.
They ought to be on the wall, not in the locker.
So, how is it going?
Is everything alright?
I made the sauna ready.
Some bumpkin you found for yourself!
If you'd only heard where he was getting.
I can't even repeat.
It's nothing.
We were just talking about different things.
Told some stories.
No offense, daddy.
I am just a funny guy.
Check it out, he says he was an accountant,
then as if there was an inspection...
But you can tell by his face that he's a bandit.
Oh yeah? So what?
Nothing, just be careful.
Go take a look at this accountant.
That kind will thrust a knife without a
moment's hesitation.
Oh yeah? So what?
Go take a look at him and show yourself.
Let him be scared. We're neighbors now.
So what?
Just that our daughter is in school!
Just can't stop saying 'so what', 'so what'?
We often have to stay alone at night,
and you just won't stop saying 'so what'.
Wife and daughter will get slaughtered
and he won't lift a finger.
The house will be full of dead bodies but he
will only repeat his 'so what'.
Well, big deal.
How can you live like this, Egor.
Coming all the way to propose and not even bringing
a change of underwear.
Who comes like this?
Prison is a prison, not a resort.
Even a resort can leave you
Калина красная Калина красная

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