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Калина красная

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there are tears on my face.
- I'll stop, I'll stop.
- Lyuba.
- Here, Egor, here I am.
In my Sunday suit, there's money.
Split it with my mom.
Then I'll come visit you ...
He's not a bad man, I know him ...
Mom saw him in her dream...
He wrote her everything.
- He's dying.
- Too bad she can't read.
Bastards, you won't get far!
Darling, darling, don't die!
Thirsty, go soak your handkerchief in the lake.
I'll be right back, Egor, wait.
Don't die!
What are pouting about, honey?
Don't feel sorry for him.
He never was a human being.
He was a brute.
There's plenty of them in Russia.
You could have done it differently.
No, that was the only way.
This is that fool, his relative.
Watch out!
Did you see what he did?
Was he drunk?
Hey, what have you done?
Don't be sad, dear Lyuba. Don't.
Look how many good people
there are around you.
One should live.
It's better to live the smart way.
Wait, if me meet again, I'll tell you everything.
I've seen a lot in my time.
Even got tired. My soul is suffering.
But I remember everything.
Give me some time,
and everything will be fine.
Best regards,
Egor Prokudin.
Katia Kutyavina (Seattle, WA, USA)
e-mail: djkatish@gmail
Калина красная

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