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Калина красная

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it back?
Get the money.
Did you remember what I said?
- I did.
- Then off you go.
Egor, who was that?
Hold on.
It's not a home anymore, but like some headquarters!
What happened this time?
- A person came to see Egor.
- What for?
What do you care?
I don't care. But when they start slaughtering you,
don't yell for help.
Created some brothel here.
- I'm afraid, Egor.
- What are you afraid of? What?
Come on, afraid of what?
- I heard that when you ... when they ...
- Forget it!
And never mention it again.
"You heard." Where did you hear?
- Did you do time or something?
- What do you mean?
My little girl, forgive me.
- Better let's sing.
- I can't think about singing now.
Why not? Come on, there's one good song:
"Red snowball tree."
- I know it.
- Sing along then.
Red snowball tree ended it's bloom...
Egor, I beg you, promise me,
they won't do anything to you?
Dear Egor, don't be mad.
I've waited so long for my happiness.
How come you don't understand me?
They're gonna take you and...
Do I not have a right to some joy in this life?
Lyuba, I can't stand people crying.
Give me a break. Don't cry.
Maybe let's go away from here?
Why did this night have to be so good?
If not for it, I would not have been in such pain.
She did not like the end of my life...
She did not see me standing in the church...
Re-write the lyrics.
Sit down.
- Who was that?
- A friend.
- Shall we get the banya ready?
- Of course.
- What are you looking at?
- Come over, I'll tell you something.
Don 't cry.
Come on, I know everything. After banya.
- I just want him to take a look at the motor.
- Lyuba, really, it's about a motor.
- Vasya, how is it going?
- Okay.
- Do you treat your wife well?
- As if I'd do otherwise.
- Don't give her a hard time.
- And how's yours?
What do you think,
is it good that we are alive?
Could it have been better
not to be born at all?
Nobody asked us.
Right. Let's go plow.
- Did you say something?
- Just singing.
- What?
- Singing!
I am tender just the same,
and I only dream about the moment
To escape the sadness and return to our old house.
I'll be back when I our luscious garden blossoms.
Only please don't wake me early in the morning.
Don't stir the old dreams,
don't mention what did not come true.
In my life I had too much early loss and fatigue.
And there's no point to pray, you can not return to the past.
You're my only joy and help.
You're the only light of my life.
Vasya, go have lunch.
- Egor, we've just started.
- Go see your wife then.
- I don's miss her yet.
- Do as I say.
I have visitors.
I'm going to talk to them.
Go on!
Do as I say!
- Bernie, you're not going to touch him.
- Lyusya, what are you talking about?
He would not touch me.
Go tell him not to touch me.
- What if he breaks my neck with his iron fist.
- You won't touch him, you asshole!
- You'll rot soon yourself.
- Shut up!
Or I'll bury you two side by side,
like doves.
Please, let him live,
let him plow the land, if he wants to.
I'll rot and he'll plow? Where is justice?
Did he not do enough?
Even his gait has somehow become like that of a working man.
- Proletariat.
- Peasant, not proletariat.
Peasants are working class too.
- You can even call it intelligentsia.
- Yeah, teachers?
Stay happy with your fourth grade education.
Read comics and breathe through your nose.
Oh! Hello, Grief.
So, how is it?
What's wrong?
Did someone come to see him again?
Mom, speak up!
Bernie, they're coming!
This is her brother, quick!
Egor, darling! Peter!
- You'll get dirty.
- Egor, dear, don't speak.
What happened?
Easy, come on.
Hang on, Egor. It's nothing. Some tried
bayonets on us, and we're still alive.
- Let me be, Peter, it's a bullet.
- Egor, darling, we'll be in the hospital soon.
- Don't cry.
- I'm not crying.
- You're crying, I can hear, and
Калина красная Калина красная

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