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Калина красная

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own mother?
Then let's go back, come on!
- Not now, give me time.
- What time, Egor?
At least let my hair grow a little,
I'll look more decent.
Oh dear.
Oh, how hard it is.
- Come on, let's go back now!
- I sent her money.
She'll take them to the village committee,
will be asking who it came form. Will refuse to take it.
Go to her tomorrow.
Tell her, it belongs to her.
Lord, how can you people be like this?
So neglected!
It's nothing, Lyuba.
- What am I to do with you all?
- Nothing, Lyuba.
Give me time.
Everything will be fine. I swear! I swear!
I'd eat this earth, but I'll make it!
Her husband came back.
Peter, why are you fooling around?
Kolya is inside.
- Let them talk.
- You go talk to him!
Egor, let's go.
They'll have to talk some day.
Kolya will only start a fight.
So what?
Nothing! Kolya will start,
and Egor will have to go to jail.
Luba, that's not right either.
What am I supposed to do, run and hide?
Let them talk once. Then it will be over.
Egor don't go, you don't know him.
When you talk keep in mind there are
two more guys behind the fence.
I expected to see some legendary warrior Ilya Muromets.
But seeing such a worm, I can manage him myself.
Let's go outside, prisoner.
- Go, go!
- Just you wait!
- Not here, Kolya, not here.
- Follow me.
You go first.
You dog, I'll show you...
Don't crack up the Devil, walk next to me.
People are watching!
You go, go!
You're a crackpot, Kolya.
With a capital letter.
- Shame on you.
- Move! I'll show you "a capital letter."
Here's for attacking from behind.
Dogs! I'll maim you.
- I'll kill you right here!
- Wait, he's got something in his pocket!
- You won't have time to wack, Kolya
- What are you threatening me with? With a knife?
Come on, pull out your knife!
Drink less, silly, your hands are shaking.
- What can you do?
- Kolya, to hell with him, let's go!
We'll setttle it with him another time.
- See you later!
- Sure.
Look at you, my little ones. Are you hiding?
You're my sweet girls!
Why did you not call out?
Could have called,
"Come, Egor, see us."
But, no, not a word, hiding here.
This time I saw you myself.
My darlings, how you doing?
Soon it will be very warm.
Well, I have to go plow.
Now I'll stop by often,
I'll be working nearby.
Well, stay well.
I have to become a record-setter.
I worked so much today.
Why should you be tired?
Did you start taking the cows out?
- Hello!
- Oh, what a guest!
- Sit down, Vasya.
- I'm Shura.
Sorry, I keep confusing you with that brigadier. Remember, that huge one, Vasya.
Shura and I were in the army together,
under the General Kumov.
Sit down, Shura. Have dinner with us.
- Sit down, eat with us.
- I can't, there's taxi waiting for me.
I have to pass something on to you.
Have dinner first, taxi can wait.
Do you remember what Vasya used to say:
"When it comes to eating,
I'm like a vacuum."
No, I have to catch a train later.
Well, let's go out.
What is it that you have for me?
Do you see our friends?
Ah, those golden times!
I often dream about that army service.
How much is it to the city and back by taxi?
Do you know, Lyuba?
- How much for a kilometer?
- I don't know. Ten cents, maybe.
Ten cents by thirty-six... How much will it be?
- Thirty-six cents.
- Hey, can't you count?
Ten kilometers are one ruble,
then thirty-six ...
Here and back, it's 7.20.
There were times I had to work all month
to get 7.20.
These people live well.
What did he come for?
Something must have happened, pops.
Tell him like I told you. Got it?
I will, but you know him.
I know him. And he knows me.
- Did he get my money?
- Yes.
That's all. I don't owe you guys anymore.
If you come looking for me, I'll raise the whole village against you. With pitchforks.
Grief, I'll do as I was told.
He said: "If he has no money,
give some to him."
Why, you little bitch!
Brought me money, huh?
Did you ever think I'd have to give
Калина красная Калина красная

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