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Калина красная

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another problem.
My feet sweat a lot. Such a nuisance.
Allow me to shake off the ash.
Don't take it close to heart, Egor.
Driving a tractor is not worse, it's even better.
They make good money.
I am not upset.
Lyuba will come soon, right?
She should.
They are turning over the milk right now.
When finished, she'll come home.
Egor, you be good to her.
She's our late child. Parents' hearts ache
the most for the late child.
When you have your own children,
you'll remember my words.
She's a good girl, very kind, but somehow,
always unlucky.
First, this alcoholic came around.
We could not get rid of him.
These drunkards are a menace.
I'd lock them all up in jail.
Each should get five years in high security.
Why in jail?
Why not?
Look who's here. I thought you'd only be finished
by night, and you're already at home. Why so soon?
- Did Peter come back too?
- Yes.
- He does not want to drive the chairman.
- Why?
Don't be angry. He explained why.
He get carsick in a sedan.
He wants to drive a tractor. That's even better.
Your advice is not good!
We want the man to come home clean.
Now he'll be coming back all dirty.
How is that better?
- This is what's better.
- You wish.
I wish and maybe I'm right.
Lyuba, look, is he calling for you?
Where are they going?
- Where did they go?
- To Sosnovka.
- Why?
- For some reason.
Why didn't you ask the reason?
Gave away your truck...
- So what?
- Nothing.
Peter, you're a real blockhead sometimes.
Your sister is being driven away somewhere,
and you don't even care.
He'll bring her back, what else.
- Where did they go?
- To Sosnovka.
- Why?
- For some reason.
- Why didn't you find out?
- You go and find out.
- Ah, to hell with you, you're just ...
- What? Same as you are.
There lives an old woman called Kudeliha.
- How do you know?
- I should know, I visited Sosnovka today.
The point is a friend asked me to inquire about
this old woman.
- And why does he need it?
- She's some kind of a relative, maybe an aunt.
Let's do it like this: we'll drive up,
and you go in alone.
No, let's go in together, but you should
ask all the questions.
My sons died.
The first one died in the battle near Lvov,
the second one fought for two years.
I get a pension for the first one.
The one who was killed first.
I was getting twenty rubles.
Twenty-one and forty cents.
But now they reduced my pension.
Village committee informed the social security
that my estate was too big.
Twenty-seven hectares.
But I never had so much, and no one on our
collective farm has so much.
So I went there and asked:
'What are you doing?'
He said: 'Why did I receive the information
that your estate is so big?'
Then he said: 'We made a mistake'.
I said: 'If you made a mistake, you have to correct it.'
'Your mistake is my tears.'
He said: 'What are your tears?'
Grandma, I also wanted to ask about your sons.
Sons ... I only have one son left.
Three died.
- How long ago did you see him?
- Long ago.
- How long?
- I've been alone for eighteen years.
Yes, right. Alone for eighteen years.
Yes. Such is my suffering.
- And you don't know where he is and how he is?
- I don't know.
I looked him up, applied for a search.
Then I went to the village commitee
and they told me:
"Wait for him. If he's alive and healthy he'll show up."
But he did not show up.
- Twenty years - nothing.
- Twenty years, is it?
- Nothing?
- Not a sound.
Not a single sound.
Oh, dear grandma.
I don't know what happened,
how he lived alone ...
None of his friends came here.
And I don't know where he is ...
I can't stand it anymore, Lyuba!
I am the lowest creature on earth!
I can't live like this, I can't anymore!
Lord, forgive me if you can!
I can no longer suffer this torment!
Why doesn't my heart stop beating?
Do I have a stone in there?
Egor, darling, calm down! What is it?
This is my mother, my mother!
I saw my sister in the city,
but didn't recognize her.
Калина красная Калина красная

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