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Калина красная

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or this dove will peck you.
What evil people they are, Egor!
With evil people we'll be evil, Lucy!
They found us. Get out, quick!
Relax! One by one.
For two weeks everyone is dead.
Don't look for me.
Well, we sang, we danced.
Grief, what's wrong?
Looks like it's time for me to take up gardening.
What gardening?
We have to go, what are sitting down for?
Going, going... When am I going to start coming?
Don't, you'll get caught!
Soon I'll see you all.
Are you going with her?
- No. Run!
Rest somewhere. Got money?
- Got enough. They gave me.
I can add a little.
- OK.
We are surrounded.
She's done with.
This is our Sveta!
Sveta got caught.
Get off me.
Your Sveta is as useless as a pig --
no fur, only squealing.
I fear that the others might crack up.
I'm gonna shoot.
Wait, stupid! Crazy.
They won't roll over.
I know them well.
Listen, I'm gonna run and lead them away after me.
I have a document.
If they catch me I'll say I was afraid
and did not know what to do.
I'll say I was looking for a certain girl,
heard the whistles and fled instinctively.
Here I go.
Go ahead.
Here they come!
- Hold me, my legs!
Peekaboo! How long can you...
Over here!
So far, so good.
What now?
I don't quite like these games.
I am not your honey cake --
here, there!
Hello, Dear Egor Nikolaevich!
This is Lubov Baykalova writing to you.
Luba! Dear Luba!
I report that I received your long poetic letter.
In that letter you upset me a little bit,
saying you can not stand silence.
The evenings here are very quiet.
You can hear a leaf fall on the water.
At least, maybe my hair will grow faster
in that silence.
No offense, dear Luba.
I know how quiet it can be.
I was born in a place like that too.
Yes, good.
No matter what you say, I like silence.
Why don't you come, Egor?
Ah, you're a good soul... Wait ...
Maybe we can get somewhere.
Maybe I haven't lost everything.
Why not?
Wherever life takes us!
You know what,
let's go get something in the tearoom.
I don't drink.
- Come on, "I don't drink!"
Are you trying to look better?
- Well, I drink sometimes in a company.
But getting stuck in a pub -
I am not into these things.
I'm a moderate person.
What's the big deal? We'll get some tea, that's all.
You'll tell me about myself.
Mom and Dad are very stringent.
They told me: "Don't you dare
bring your prisoner here!"
I told them: "God forbid, what prisoner that?
It was all by an accident."
Let's use another door.
Stand and stare.
What is "right?"
That you're a prisoner by an accident?
Oh, yeah. Coincidence.
Bad luck.
Your parents are probably hardtack.
- No. Why?
So stringent. And I smoke.
They'll ask me to leave.
No big deal, my father smokes, and my brother.
There's a brother too?
- Yes, big family.
My brother has a daughter.
She's in high school.
This is good. And then?
Going to study law?
Come in.
Shall we take a bottle and go somewhere?
- Why? Look how nice it's here.
Nyura, bring us ...
What shall we have, Egor?
Red wine. Vodka gives me heartburn.
- A bottle of red wine.
It's so great here.
Space, freedom.
Well, Egor, tell me more about yourself.
Just like an interrogation. What can I say?
I was an accountant in the council.
The management must have been embezzling.
And then the inspection came.
Naturally, I got a sentence. You know how it can be.
Listen, let's leave,
we're sitting here like two hairs on a bald spot.
Everyone's watching.
What do you care? Let them watch.
You're not a fugitive.
Here's the bill for exemption.
- Sheesh, I did not mean it so literally.
So how long were you in jail?
- Last time?
Five years.
With clutches like yours you were an accountant?
I don't believe you.
I trained them there.
We were sewing lots of slippers.
With these hands you can break locks,
not sew slippers.
Some say it!
And what do you plan to do here?
Again, accounting?
No, no more accounting.
Then what? Sew slippers?
Калина красная Калина красная

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