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Калина красная

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Mihailovich, I want a holiday!
I've spent too much time up in the north.
I think I have what you need. Where are you staying?
Currently nowhere. I just arrived.
I think we can arrange ... a little picnic of a sort.
To celebrate your arrival.
A nice neat brothel.
Okay! I understand you.
Schprechen Sie Deutsch, Ivan Andreich?
Oh, we'll organize quite a prom.
These bitches will see how we can dance.
And not just Swan Lake, but the iron bolero,
krakovyak with squats..
No need for that.
We'll do everything in a cultured manner.
Put this away.
What is your last name? Are you Egor?
Yes, it's Egor.
I'm at the military recruits center,
still can't get registered.
Late? That's how they work here, Lyuba.
Comrade Captain,
come into the office.
No, it's just some general in here.
No, Lyuba, I'm afraid I have to stay overnight.
Somewhere on the sofa.
Nothing, I'm used to it.
So how are you?
Did they call you into the post office?
What can I do, Lyuba...
Yes, I have to.
Well, okay.
Well, brother-in-wine.
Let's get down to decadence.
Everything is ready.
My robe.
I had to go to one old actor for it.
No one else has these nowadays.
How is it?
Suits you.
Well, do as I said.
People are ready for decadence.
Oh God, these girls are quite the peaches!
Good man, explain to us please,
what are we celebrating?
Well, aunties and uncles, let's begin eating.
Take your time, make pauses.
Don't they close down
the military recruits center for the night?
Obviously not, since he's saying
he'll stay there overnight.
He can say a lot.
I think he was told to come by tomorrow
a 8:00 in the morning.
They are military people there.
Exactly. So he said he'll sleep there on the sofa.
But all offices close down for the night.
Who'd leave him there alone to spend the night?
What if he steals the state seal?
What does he need the state seal for?
I just used it as an example.
Don't talk nonsense.
Enough already!
Why did you recruit such ugly faces?
On purpose?
Where do you find beautiful faces?
All beautiful faces are married.
You wanted unmarried girls.
Besides, they are not that bad.
No, Mihailovich, this is not a holiday.
Here, give everyone some cash,
keep a hundred for your efforts.
But no cheating, I'll check later.
Well, Georgyi...
Listen, does it exist in this life at all?
A holiday.
Peter! Look at him, wearing pants already.
It's me, Peter. Come out for a while.
What's up, did they drive you out?
No, just don't want to wake them up.
Did you ever drink 'Remi Martin'?
What's that?
Cognac, twenty roubles a bottle.
Let's go to the banya and have a drink.
Why in the banya?
To not wake anyone up.
Let me put my shoes on, and we need a snack.
My pockets are full of chocolate.
I'm stinking of this chocolate already,
like a student. Come on!
- What?
- Look, how did he get in here?
Getting in is not hard,
getting out is the problem.
He'll get out.
Why didn't you go home?
I don't know ...
Don't, Peter, don't prod me.
I've been wondering...
Where are my horses?
Did they vanish? Did I never have them?
I've lived for 40 years,
yet I have nothing to say.
That's how it is.
Then don't say anything.
Pour your expensive stuff.
What shall we drink out of?
Ah, the scoop.
Is this the one I burned you with?
Sure, there's no other.
Forget about it.
Look at this beauty. Ready to be a mother.
I heard last night when you came back.
But I thought it was my Kolya back again.
- What Kolya?
- My husband.
- Does he come back?
- You bet!
- And you?
- I go to a room and lock myself in.
He hasn't once come back sober,
and I can't stand him when he's drunk.
He becomes a complete idiot.
- Cows... They feel good here, huh?
- Yes.
You know, from my entire childhood I only
remember my mother and a cow.
The cow's name was Raika.
One spring we let her go outside to feed.
You know, then the snow melts,
some patches of hay show up on the roads.
So we let her out.
Калина красная Калина красная

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