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Калина красная

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My homeland Russia.
That is why I love you deeply
My homeland Russia.
Friend, wait a minute!
Go back to bed!
Why is that?
Because. Go to sleep.
I can't sleep.
Then lie down quietly, think about the future.
I wanted to talk. Ask you two questions.
Talk tomorrow. What questions can you have
at midnight?
Just one question.
Lyuba, grab hold of something!
Grab the pan!
I have a knife under my pillow.
Circular defense, well-organized.
He tiptoed like a cat.
Thought no one can hear.
I hear and see everything.
The hubby is sleeping, nothing matters to him.
Who's sleeping?
Free with documents.
That's what you get for wanting a holiday.
And the moon is rabid like a bitch!
Stop grumbling!
I have to go for a while, Lyuba.
Then why are you giving me this look?
What look?
You don't trust me.
Do what you want, Egor.
Why do you ask, if I trust you or not?
It's not going to stop you.
I wish I wasn't a mean person.
I wish I didn't lie, Lyuba.
But I've lied my whole life.
I have to be evil and cruel,
but sometimes I do feel sorry for people.
One can't live like this.
It's so hard!
I don't know what to do with this rotten life!
Should I get done with it?
But I'd like the end to be more fun, with music.
And to not have to think about anything in the end.
I'll tell you the truth right now:
I don't know if I will return.
I might come back,
and I might not come back.
Thank you for the truth, Egor.
You are good, Lyuba.
Alright. Let's do it like this.
I'll stay alone
and I'll ask myself - what do I do?
Do what you need to do,
what you want to do.
I don't blame you for anything.
But if you leave I'll be sad. Very sad.
I don't want to cry.
Alright, Lyuba...
I won't say one bad word.
Give me your hand.
Lyuba, I'm telling you, stay single.
You'll find someone decent.
What if this one starts stealing?
Then what?
What then?
If he goes back to stealing, then what?
Then he'll go to jail.
You lost your mind!
I don't know, really, did I lose my mind?
I can't stand myself.
My soul keeps hurting --
I don't know what to do.
Like I've known him for a hundred years.
Well, he wrote me letters for a year.
There's nothing else to do in prison,
so they write.
If you only knew what letters he wrote! So clever!
About love?
No, not really,
more about life.
He's really seen a lot in life.
So I don't know:
Do I love him? Or do I just pity him?
Where is he now?
Let's see what we have here.
Handsome man!
Let's show what we can do!
"If you have no privileges, drunkard,
you only have yourself to blame."
What do you care?
Sweety, why don't we both
go get happy together?
What are you looking at? I have money.
Citizen. Behave yourself!
If you are transfering money - then transfer.
Always so formal. "Citizen."
What citizen I am to you?
I am your comrade, and even a friend and a brother!
Keep working.
Making eyes, that's what you know how to do.
Check this out, how they treat people.
I didn't even say a couple words to you yet and
you are neglecting me already!
You wait, marionettes!
I'll show you!
I'll make debauchery and will throw this town
into darkness and terror.
To hell!
What happened? Who let him in?
He's not with the commission, I saw him in a hotel.
Mihalich, go see what's going on. Please continue!
Isn't it time to open already?
First we'll finish, then we'll open.
In June 1972, Ignashichev, while being drunk...
... hit Konkov on the head with a steel sample.
By the way, it affects all of us.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Can I have a minute?
Sit down.
I just came back from the gold mines
and I'd like to ask you something.
Could we organize a little fun here.
A little brotherly brothel, what do you think?
Did I phrase it improperly?
I am nervous because my money
is burning a hole in my pocket.
One hundred pages.
The wad needs to be combed.
- What is your name?
- Sergei Mihailovich.
Калина красная Калина красная

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