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Калина красная

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did you take him to the tearoom?
What for? Now the whole village knows that
Lyuba has a prison inmate visiting her.
Someone at work asked me, I could not believe my ears.
You tell him Lyuba:
"If you came just to rest,
to fatten up and to go back to your banditisim,
then just leave now!"
Tell him: "Don't embarrass me in front of other people." He probably has a family?
Of course. How can it be that he has no family?
He's not a boy of seventeen.
Are you using your head at all?
Lyuba, tell him:
"If you're up to something bad, pack up and off you go."
He has nothing to pack. Why are you attacking Lyuba?
What can she say now?
Who knows what kind of person he'll turn out to be?
How can she vouch for him now?
Don't scare me, I'm already scared.
That's what I'm telling you.
Listen, Lyuba. You tell him:
"My good man, go find yourself a place to spend the night."
In the village committee house.
You're crazy.
Invited a man and then sent him to sleep in
the village committee.
Like some barbarians.
Let the police examine him tomorrow.
What's there to examine, he's very open.
I may not know him well, but I think he's a good man.
I see it in his eyes.
I noticed on his photograph long ago:
his eyes are sad.
I don't know, you can laugh at me.
I feel sorry for him.
Maybe I am a fool.
Oh, mama, save me. Boiled me alive!
Do I have to go to jail again?
Boiled me alive, the beast!
What a scoundrel!
Murder! Murder!
Stop yelling!
Peter, what's wrong?
That orphan, I asked him for a dipper of hot water,
and he scorched me!
I was wondering,
why would he ask for such hot water?
I tried it with my finger, it was boiling hot.
I decided he must be used to it,
or his skin is thick.
I did not know I was supposed to pour it on the stones, Peter!
Didn't know! Are you a baby?
I thought you wanted to rinse off.
I did not wash yet, what's there to rinse?
Enough, get out.
- Bring me some undies.
- Let me see.
Boiled alive our man!
Nothing serious. Put some oil on it.
Zoya, bring some oil.
Shall I pour some cold water?
Are you completely nuts?
Let's go. People are gathering.
Hey, where are you going?
Does it hurt, Peter?
Go to hell.
Almost drowned.
What happened, Egor?
He put so much wood in the stove,
there was almost no air to breathe.
And asked me to add hot water.
I thought he wanted to maintain the temperature balance.
I'll show you some balance!
What if it was really boiling hot?
I tested with my finger.
A finger! What do they make people like you out of?
Enough, Peter, he did not do it on purpose.
Go inside the house
'cause people really are gathering.
Then you don't sit around either.
What a mistake!
How come I did not understand him?
Old man, keep pouring. Everyone, eat well.
Lyuba, keep serving your guest.
This is our Pavel. And this is Vanya.
At first, they fought together,
then Pavel was wounded.
He got better and went to fight again,
and then he got killed.
Vanya was killed in Berlin.
I really pity Vanya.
He was so cheerful,
took me anywhere with him.
I was small, but I remember him so clearly.
I sometimes see him in my dreams, he's laughing.
Not smiling on this one, though.
Do you recognize him? It's our Peter!
How serious he looks! But he was only 18 then.
He was captured and our troops freed him.
In captivity he was beaten really bad.
But later, not a wound, not even a scratch.
I did wound him today.
Like the Devil pushed my hand.
Egor, are you sure you did not mean it?
How can you, Lyuba? You don't believe me?
I believe you.
What, Jora?
Peter, sorry for that shower. I really did not mean it.
Forget it.
Sky, pines and the sand...
Unhappy road...
Get on my bandwagon, my friend.
Soon my end will come...
By my own and God's will
I became reasonable and great.
The field of life pursuits is big there.
Keep working and don't be a coward.
That is why I love you
Калина красная Калина красная

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